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The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) has been featured in numerous articles and videos. Our community has continued to share tips, testimonies, and experiences to help people around the world deal with this challenging situation. The WISS spirit has crossed borders and traveled to different countries.

The WISS Community is known as a caring, helpful, and warm community, and it is a privilege for us to be able to contribute to helping others cope with this new situation.  

Leslie Holm, Kindergarten teacher at WISS, was one of our teachers who, like many other members of our staff, had to quarantine in her house in Shanghai after her return from Thailand in March. 

Shanghai Media Group contacted her to share her experience. Her testimony is a clear example of how to spend these days of quarantine staying positive, keeping fit indoors, and hoping that one day everything will return to normal. Don’t miss this beautiful video! 

Leslie hasn’t been the only member of the WISS community who has contributed their testimony to help spread hope and positivity.  

Alexandra Caulfield, Nursing Coordinator at WISS, contributed with this video to raise awareness of the correct way to wash hands and to adopt other hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Lisa Kane, Early Years Deputy Principal, and teacher at WISS, shared in Nursery World, one of the most reputable early years education magazines, how the pandemic affected our school and how WISS continues to guarantee students’ learning.

When the pandemic broke out in China, many media outlets showed interest in sharing how schools were facing this big challenge. WISS was an excellent example of commitment, dedication, and hard work during the COVID-19 Outbreak.  

 The WISS E-learning Model caught the attention of national and international media around the world. 

Kankan Knews, a Chinese media outlet, featured some WISS students and their learning experience through the WISS E-learning Model. 

WISS’s experience with e-learning has been featured in some blogs in the world of education, such as Story Park and The IB Community Blog.  

We hope that our contributions have, in some way, spread optimism, strength, and encouragement in these difficult times. 

Only by staying together will we get through this. 

We are one. We are WISS. 

If you are currently in a quarantine period, do not miss our ideas and #WISStips that will help you make your day more bearable. 

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