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Alumni Feature – Ehud Lee 

WISS Alum, Ehud, is a stellar example of how our core values remain intact even after our students graduate. Ehud performed exceptionally well on his Internal Assessment in his Senior year. So well, in fact, that WISS teacher John Slack asked him to come back to help current Grade 12 students and share his experience with them. Ehud enjoyed returning to WISS to give back to the community.

WISS_Alumni Feature_Concert
Ehud Lee performing at the Secondary Winter Concert 2019

“Ehud took a systematic approach to his IA last year, and he scored really well as a result. He worked through difficulties and even mistakes in his methodology to have a very successful IA. Because of this, I asked him to come in and go step-by-step through his systemic approach so that my current students could more effectively manage their tasks within this large project. He agreed and showed a lot of poise and impressive communication abilities as he walked my students through his processes of setting goals, managing time, tackling hard portions of the assignment, and staying engaged with such a long term project.  

I was very proud of him, as he showed the IB learner traits of a communicator, risk-taker, and caring learner. He was an effective teacher and collaborator and really showed how special the learning environment at WISS could be. He definitely demonstrated how we are a caring and compassionate community and how that extends beyond our campus walls,” shared Slack.   

We are so proud of our first Alumni Spotlight, and look forward to featuring more of our WISS Alumni and their incredible stories! 

WISS_Alumni Feature_Graduation
Ehud Lee giving a speech at the 2020 Grade 12 Graduation

Name: Ehud Lee 

Years at WISS: 2016-2020  

Graduated: Class of 2020  

Hometown: Taiwan  

Currently: Shanghai  

What impact did your time at WISS have on you?  

I think that the biggest thing I took from WISS is the attitude towards learning. I have always been a big procrastinator and tend to want to make everything perfect. WISS helped me trust in what I have and have a better attitude. I learned to worry less about the results and more about the process.   

Ehud Lee and his friends at WISS campus
Ehud Lee and his friends at WISS

What were the highlights of your time at WISS?  

One of the best moments, there were a lot. But I really enjoy music and really enjoyed all of the opportunities to perform in concerts. Another big highlight was my graduation because I always wanted to have a great ending for my time in high school, so I planned a graduation video starting in Grade 11 to capture and put together many of our moments. WISS gave me a platform and opportunities to find and follow my passions.

Ehud Lee performing during the GAIL conference at WISS
Ehud Lee performing during the 2019 GAIL Conference at WISS

What are you doing now, and what are your career goals?  

I am currently doing online studies at Biola University because of COVID. I am taking some time to explore and figure out exactly what I want to study and pursue.    

What advice would you give to current WISS students as they’re looking ahead to college and careers?  

Don’t overthink what you want to pursue and the future. So much of the future is unpredictable. So many in our class worked so hard for the exams, but then exams were canceled. So just have a positive attitude, put in the work, and do what you need to do. Be prepared for changes and adjustments, and make the most of the current situation.  

Ehud Lee enjoying ASA activities at WISS
Ehud Lee’s interest in unicycling led to the creation of an after-school activity.

What would you tell a parent who is considering sending their child to attend WISS?  

WISS is one of the friendliest schools I have ever been to. The community is so welcoming. Even though I’ve graduated, the school welcomes me back anytime. During my time at WISS, I had the most amazing teachers, and those teachers care about the students and are willing to do anything to help and keep you on track. The community and teachers make WISS what it is.