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WISS Girls Volleyball win their first Division 1 Championship!

volleyball-1-resizedThe WISS Tigers High School girls’ volleyball team ended the season with success as they won the Division 1 Plate Championship. The tournament was held at SAS Puxi, with 8 teams in contention.  This was WISS’ first season in Division 1.

Their first match was against SMIC from the East division, who gave WISS a very tough first match. WISS won the match in 2 straight sets, the win being credited to strong defense and consistent serves.

In the second match, the semi-final, WISS faced SCIS Hongqiao. Motivated by their regular season loss to SCIS, WISS came out strong with solid passing, smart setting, and strong attacks. The match was won in 2 straight sets.

Facing the home team SAS Puxi in the final, the girls were able to put together their strong defense with their smart, aggressive play at the net. WISS won a close first set, and seemed to be on their way to another 2 straight set win with the score at 24-19  in the second set. SAS showed true heart and fought back to win the set 27-25. WISS regrouped, and thanks to strong serving, won the third and deciding set 15-9. Great season girls!


Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose!  shourya-resizedsukanya-resized

Sister and brother Sukanya and Shourya Sinha both won awards for their submission to the Youth Environmental Summit (YES) and the Recyclable Material Competition, respectively.   Sukanya (Grade 8) received a 2nd place award for her presentation on waste and recycling.   With the high demand of online purchasing from Taobao and similar online shopping platforms, Sukanya focused on strategies to encourage the reduction and recycling of delivery boxes in China. For example, delivery companies can offer cash or discount incentives to customers who return the boxes thus allowing companies to reduce and reuse materials.

Shourya (Grade 2), repurposed recycled material into a small, transportable table. This multi-use table can be used to hold smaller items such as stationery items and also as a reading stand on the bed.   He received a 2nd place award for his innovative design.


WISS Dance Company at the Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters


For the 2nd year in a row, the WISS Dance company performed at the Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters on October 15th held at the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena.  33 students participated in a two part parade and dance that incorporated movement motifs from the word of tennis.   The entire performance was choreographed by the Theatre and Dance students at WISS with the guidance of dance instructor, Vicki Hughes. The inspiration for the choreography was from Frantic Assembly, an award winning theatre company from the UK.   Thousands of tennis fans were treated to a fantastic performance by the WISS Dance Company.