WISS Today Article

As the month of November has come and gone, we have some exciting highlights to share of the activities at WISS to support Movember. Over the period of 30 days WISS aimed to raise awareness of men’s health issues.  Students, teachers, and staff worked together to organize Movements, Moments, Moustaches, and More to raise as much awareness and encourage donations for this important cause.  

Here are some of the WISS Movember Highlights! 

Voting for the best #WISSMoustache  

And the winning moustache goes to ….. Mr. Grimwood!

Congratulations!! This year the school created a voting app to raise funds for Movember, allowing the WISS community to vote for their favorite mustache. Over 30,000 RMB was raised and will be donated to Movember Organization.  Well done WISSsians! 

WISS Day of Dance

Adding rhythm to Movember is something that Ms. Steph knows very well how to do. In an initiative to inspire movement for Movember, Friday, the 26th November was dedicated to a Day of Dance giving all WISS teachers and students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 the opportunity to participate in a 20 minute dance workshop. Workshops began with a warm up with body and spatial awareness exercises, leading into choreographed movements in canon and unison.  

All groups learned similar choreography to the same song; younger groups experienced a simplified version whereas older groups performed a more challenging version.  We had a tremendous turnout and are proud of all WISSians for the contribution and support.

WISS Re-MO-Lay event

The WISS Re-MO-Lay event was a great success! Our goal was to keep the “MO-athon” running (no pun intended) from 8.30am to 2.30pm which we managed to achieve thanks to the awesome support and participation from students and teachers across the WISS community. Our objective was to reach a minimum running distance of 10 000 meters and aspired to reach a distance as far as 100 000 meters.   

Each person was asked to run 100 meters, and many did much more. Some even reached 1000 to as far as 2000 meters individually, which is a great effort in helping us keep our rhythm.  

However, due to the overwhelming level participation, with a special shout-out going to the Early Years runners, we managed to SMASH our dream target.  

WISSians collectively carried the “MO-athon” for a distance of 205 200 meters. An incredible achievement in support of a great cause!  Well done #WISSrunners! 

Shaving Ceremony at WISSwide Assembly

Contributing to the perfect end to a month filled with Movember activities WISS students, on the last day of Movember shaved the moustaches their teachers have been growing all month long.  

The Early Years and Primary students also participated in Movember in their own way. Here are some pictures to show you how they learned about this global movement throughout the month!