WISS Today Article

By Liz Jones, Director of Visual Arts




jim_0478-resizedThe dictionary says that it is the ability to take traditional ideas and rules and create new interpretations or alter perceptions. Others say it is the act of defiance. Whatever you believe it is, it is something that our children are born with.  They continually question the world with abandon and disregard when starting out on their path. This allows them to have the spontaneity and courage to break the rules and reapply them as they see fit. The net result is exciting, colourful and thought provoking. As children grow you see them start to build the boxes of conformity and structure. But when a child is studying within the arts they can begin to challenge conventions and perceptions and readdress the norm, questioning their own and others’ assumptions.

jim_0484-resizedStudies suggest that creativity will be one of the top three skills pivotal in the fourth industrial revolution as the

need to keep abreast of wave upon wave of new technologies continues.  Creativity is the backbone of the allowing a student to see the breadth of a single idea and how that can be pushed to its limits. The IB states, “Creativity is what makes the audience pause to take a closer look at a work of art; to examine what it might be that thrills the viewer, what excites the senses, what titillates the perceptions.”

Here at WISS we have a philosophy that sees creativity firmly embedded within all subject areas; for the youngest of our students through to those pushing their limits in the Diploma Programme creativity is key.  It is a privilege and responsibility to nurture this and, frankly, it is just plain fabulous! Imagination is vital in furthering creativity, allow yourself to make mistakes, make a mess and generally think outside of the box – go on, I dare you, give it a go!