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Did you think we were going to forget about our legendary WISS Sports Day? 

It’s been hard to miss some of the events we were looking forward to on the  WISS calendar.  Sports are a beloved facet of life at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), so we got creative to bring the spirit of Sports Day to our students, no matter where they are!

WISS Sports Day 2020 was a little bit different than any other year because we hosted the first-ever WISS Virtual Sports Day.    

Although both students and teachers were positioned behind laptops, our sporty spirit was on full display during our first ever Virtual Sports Day.

Sports at WISS

Sports are not just about playing or running around. Sports are part of the balanced curriculum at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), and we strive to reinforce how important sports are to our students through a variety of programs and events.

Through sports and physical activity, students not only keep fit and maintain their well-being, but they also acquire and learn many skills and values that contribute to their personal and professional development.

WISS is highly committed to sports, offering the IBCP Sports pathway through our IB Career-related Programme. Students who are passionate about sports have a chance to turn their passion into a career.

WISS’s Sporty Spirit 

Every year, each grade from Early Years up to Secondary enjoys different activities designed to develop teamwork and collaboration while also having fun playing a variety of sports. Although this year, the circumstances have changed, the WISS sporty spirit was ever-present!

WISS sporty spirit

Early Years Virtual Sports Day

Our little Tiger Cubs had so much fun participating in a variety of activities created with their developmental needs in mind. Sharing videos, students showed off their skills and some of their funniest moments while enjoying WISS Virtual Sports Day. Parker Watson, Early Years Physical Education Teacher at WISS, shares her reflections on this awesome day.

WISS EY Students participating in Virtual Sports Day

 “Early Years Sports Day was a wonderful addition to our online Community Connections. Although Sports Day looked a little different than usual, the students enjoyed this amazing event at home with their friends and family.  Each student chose to participate in eight different activities. These activities challenged students to use a variety of gross and fine motor skills, along with locomotor and non-locomotor movements. It was great to see Early Years students getting involved and how they were able to make the most out of this special event,” said Watson. 

Primary Virtual Sports Day

Primary students completed five Zoom calls (one for each grade level). Students competed in their class color and participated in a total of 10 different activities. 

Each challenge had a time limit set, and every student had a judge/adjudicator to ensure the events were completed correctly and scored fairly. Students typed their scores in the Zoom chatbox, or they sent their results through Seesaw or StoryPark. 

Primary students also participated in a Trick Shot Challenge. 

Students completed a trick shot based on predetermined criteria. They then sent in their videos so WISS teachers could judge and score accordingly, adding to their overall points for their color. 

WISS Primary students participating in a Trick Shot Challenge

For Mark Caufield, PE teacher at WISS, Virtual Sports Day ports was very special. “As a PE teacher, it was great to see all the students connected in one place, and it was the most participants that we have had in our Zoom calls.” 

“The energy and enthusiasm during the event were outstanding, and the students (and parents alike) really supported the event and made it something very special. I am so glad we decided to have the Virtual Sports Day as it gave the students something to look forward to for the weeks leading up to it, and it made them feel like they were still a huge part of the WISS community. Having it live just made the experience all the more special and got the competitive juices flowing,” stated Caufield.  

Secondary Virtual Sports Day

Secondary students joined ten different activities demonstrating their passion for sports and showing brilliant technique and skill!

Secondary Virtual Sports Day Activities

Tony Anderson, Director of PHE and Athletics at WISS, explains how the Secondary PE Department came up with this idea.  “As a Physical Education teacher, online learning is a different beast when it comes to participation and motivation. However, to mix things up a bit, we decided to offer our Tigers a Virtual Sports Day in lieu of their P.E. Classes for the week.” 

WISS Secondary Virtual Sports Day

Our Tigers had a Sports Day Challenge, which took them through a series of 10 activities and a Trick Shot Challenge, where they could be as creative as they wanted to score points for themselves and their respective grade color as well. Imagination was flowing with regards to the Trick Shot Challenge. I was thoroughly impressed.”

WISS Virtual Sports Day is another example of how our international school can turn challenges into exciting, new opportunities for our students.  

Congratulations to everyone who participated!  

If you want to know more about sports at WISS and the variety of sports available at all grade levels in our school visit our website www.wiss.cn or contact Tony Anderson, Director of PHE and Athletics at WISS at tanderson@wiss.cn