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The WISS basketball program is constantly on the rise. This season our young ladies earned the U18’s Team of the Year award from That’s Shanghai. We played in two leagues simultaneously, and committed to over 25 games in a three month span. With numerous games and practices the comradery that they developed (especially during our bus rides to and from games) was incredible. Our young ladies bonded not only as a team but as a family. Their connection was evident by the progress and sacrifices they made as team throughout the season. The first and last games were a testament to the improvement we made throughout the season. In our first game we had a tough loss by over 30 points. However, our WISS Tigers kept their heads held high and worked hard throughout the season winning over 70 percent of their games. Playing in the SSSABL championship against the same team we lost to start the season our ladies rallied from a double digit deficit to force overtime. Unfortunately we lost in overtime, but our young ladies gave it their all. During our SISAC season we also finished 2nd in the D1 girls west division winning hard fought games against BISS, SAS, SSIS and other notable international schools. This season the girls varsity team had 15 players, 8 of whom were new to the team. As the team continues to grow and the community becomes more engaged the future looks bright for WISS basketball.

Head Coach: Vaughn Stanley

Assisstant Coach: Katrina ClowIMG_0665 (002) edited

  • Kim Kerremans       G12
  • Vanessa Hsu           G12
  • Yvonne Plate          G12
  • Chloe Zhao              G11
  • Laura Diaz               G10
  • Vivian Hsiao             G10
  • Fie Roben                G10
  • Nahyeon Kong       G10
  • Jade Vereecken     G10
  • Beth Loper              G9
  • Margot Moyson     G9
  • Niaya Sims               G9
  • Katie Brian              G8
  • Kirsten Selhorst      G8

Sonia Leung            G11 Team Manager

Stanley Tung           G11 Team Manager