WISS Today Article

suzie-1-resizedAs one of the first office assistants, Suzie has fond memories of WISS in the beginning days. She has seen the school grow up but one thing that remains is the warm, caring community that we can all agree is what makes our school so special.

Suzie Zhang is the current Supply Room manager and handles all the school supply needs for the entire school. She comes from Jiangsu province and she graduated from East China Normal University with a degree in Tourism. She joined WISS in June of 2007 as an office assistant which at that time, was just one office which housed all the administration as well as admissions. Thus, she was involved in almost every aspect of WISS very early on. She ordered stationary, helped plan the bus routes, helped keep track of class rosters, assisted in performances, arranged after school activities, took care of admission files and probably the most unique, was the bus driver for the first set of Secondary students. These students would have their lessons in the Le Chambord clubhouse and then Suzie would pick them up and drive them to WISS so they can have their lunch.

Suzie remembers those days where everyone was involved with everything. There was very much a “start-up” environment where people took initiative to get the job done.  No job was too small or too big, and everyone was willing to give a helping hand. For her WISS has always been a warm and considerate working environment which has maintained even as the school as grown.

Despite having a very traditional Chinese upbringing, Suzie can see the value of an IB education through the teachers, students and families who have all come and gone through the school. What she has witnessed is that “IB builds character”.  Based on the students which she has seen grow up in the school, she has noticed that, “WISS really can shape a student’s character.”