WISS Today Article

By Jo Tomiyama, Grade 9 Blue

On April 21st, one of the best school events was held. International day, a day where the whole WISS community introduce and share their own country, knowing each other better. The school was filled with the delicious smell of the foods, the thrilling and exciting shows, and the entertaining music. This day wouldn’t have been amazing without the cooperation of parents, teachers, school staffs, and students.


Thanks to the hard work of parents and students, the Japanese booth was very popular this day. There was always a long line of people, waiting excitingly to experience and be in touch with the Japanese culture. The beautiful Origami colored the booth. The rice balls and the shaved ices were favored by everyone. The mochi (rice cake) pounding, a traditional way to make rice cakes interested many visitors. This creative method to make a rice into a sticky cake using stone mortars was a fresh experience for visitors. The Japanese traditional game, “Fukuwarai” was also very popular. This game is usually done in new year with friends and families, which people try their best to create the face. After creating the unique faces, hand made origami (crane, ornament ball, shuriken, etc.) were given to the challengers as a gift. These beautiful Origami were made very well by the parents and the students.

I have helped the Japanese booth, and also asked some visitors about the booth. They have answered me that they were able to enjoy the culture and tradition.


Dan Hameder Grade 9 said,


 “The people offering and making the food, games and everything related were incredibly nice. I felt very invited and welcome. The food was fresh and therefore delicious and mouth watering. The games were so fun I wanted to play them over and over again. I loved all of them.”


Some said that they would want to visit Japan.

I also visited other booths, and enjoyed knowing the countries more.


By introducing my country and also knowing other countries, I was able to have an amazing day.