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Graduates from the Class of 2022 have completed their time at WISS and are now officially WISS Alumni.   The Western International School of Shanghai is honored to send into the world a new generation of WISS Educated graduates whom we know will make meaningful contributions as global citizens. 

We are tremendously proud of our graduates’ success as they embark on their next journey and join top-ranked universities to pursue their dreams. WISS continues to honor tradition and recognize student achievements and dedication during their time at WISS.

WISS University Scholarships 

The WISS University Scholarships are part of the distinguished WISS Scholarship Program . They are a way to give back to the students who, as members of the WISS community, have not only excelled academically but have been positive role models in the community and exhibited the WISS graduate qualities. These qualities are demonstrated through leadership, collaboration, resilience, creative solution finding, global citizenship, and digital literacy.

WISS awards its University Scholarships to high-achieving students in academics. This year, WISS offered students 50,000 USD in scholarships as part of the WISS pedigree of distinguished graduates to encourage them to continue to excel in their chosen fields of study at top universities across the globe and as proud WISS Alumni. On behalf of the WISS Scholarship Committee, we congratulate our graduates Jolene, Jamie, and Peter (PM) as awardees of the esteemed WISS University Scholarships. 

Peter-Martin (PM)  

PM joined the WISS community in 2019 and has since become a positive member of the WISS Community. PM supported the volleyball team, helping them become the top team in the West of Shanghai by capitalizing on the many opportunities that WISS has to offer. PM also contributed to the basketball team as a scorer and commentator. Service is also important to PM. He has been an active member of a WISS-supported charity – The Giving Tree, helping provide for migrant students here in Shanghai. Our community further enjoyed the pleasure of PM performances at Winter Concerts and other school events. The opportunities offered as part of a WISS Education have helped PM grow and develop to truly understand what it means to be a caring and open-minded individual. With these skills and attributes, PM has been able to support others inside and outside of the WISS Community, positively impacting not just his peers and friends at school but those he came in contact with within the greater community. 

Peter-Martin (PM) Leong has been awarded a WISS University Scholarship to the value of USD 10,000 


Jolene has been a WISS student for 12 years. A student that has conquered the rigorous IB continuum of programmes grom PYP in Grade 1, MYP, and the IB Career-related Programme.  

Jolene has never felt the spotlight needs to be on her, but she has shown creativity and leadership throughout her time here. Jolene has held three different Student Council positions, the last being President, an essential role in helping promote student’s voice within the community. 

As an active founding member of iSHARE, Jolene is also a keen environmental proponent, leading workshops throughout the school year, creating the candy grams, and more with the team. 

Jolene has also been a part of the distinguishing programs at WISS. She has been actively involved with the Global Alliance of Innovative Learning (GAIL), running activities at conferences and even online when WISS has been able to attend. 

But the contribution which I think many would know Jolene for would be “The Sapphire,” the WISS newspaper.   

Jolene has grown as a communicator and has become more reflective of herself and others. Taking these skills into the wider world will allow her to make solid connections with those around her. 

Jolene Galloway has been awarded a WISS University Scholarship to the value of USD 20,000 

Jamie Ang 

Jamie. WISS has been your home since you joined in Grade 7. 

For Jamie, it has always been important to show balance in his life through his strong academics and community contributions. Jamie has been a part of the WISS basketball and volleyball teams since Grade 10 and represented the Stoke City Football Academy as a U15 and U18 player. During this time, Jamie also demonstrated his talents as a musician at events, the Winter Concerts, and as part of the band in the Primary Show – DIG IT. 

There are many ways to demonstrate learning outside of the classroom, and Jamie has been a part of numerous winning teams in Math competitions and brought home the Gold Medal for debate and public speaking. 

And to keep himself extra busy, Jamie has been active in his service commitments, supporting Giving Tree, stepping forward into a Student Council role, and working with his math teachers and his younger peers in the Math’s Support Sessions. 

Jamie seeks to positively impact everyone he meets through his actions and words. 

Jamie Ang has been awarded a WISS University Scholarship to the value of USD 20,000 

We congratulate these distinguished graduates and wish them success in their journey as WISS Alumni and Global Citizens.   

Read more about the WISS Scholarship Program by visiting our website.