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On November 29th, WISS student, teacher and parent representatives set off to Jiading to celebrate the “joy of giving” with the students of Jiading Six Mile Primary School, a school for the children of migrant workers who come to live and work in Shanghai from neighboring provinces. Giving Tree is organized every year by the Community Center.  WISS parent, Renee Hauff has been involved with Giving Tree for the past 6 years in leading and supportive roles. She says, “The children that we give the Giving Tree bags to are really in need, often living in heartbreaking conditions, they really benefit for our encouragement and support. It may not change their current situation but it does inspire them and one day we hope that they will pay this forward and inspire other children or adults in need.”  As an annual fundraiser, WISS contributed 300 gift bags through the generous donation of our WISS families.   The sheer excitement and joy as they opened their gifts was such a blessing to witness. A special thanks to Roshiley Tilistyak for all her efforts as WISS’ Giving Tree coordinator.


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