WISS Today
Research? It’s Child’s Play! By Wei Wei Gluckman, WISS parent The Gluckman family (Andrew, Wei Wei, Kai (Grade 3) and Kexin (Grade 1) joined WISS in 2016.  ... 12 May 2017
International-mindedness and why it matters Multilingualism and Intercultural understanding and respect are at the root of International-Mindedness- a key trait that is... 11 May 2017
Hair today, gone tomorrow! “I already knew that the cancer treatment was hard enough because some of my family members went through it and so when... 11 May 2017
Who We Are By Nursery Red Teacher Daniela Kemeny Did you know that studies show that children begin to form attitudes about people who are... 11 May 2017
Physical Fitness and Sports Month By Roshiley Tilistyak, Nursing Coordinator Did you know that regular physical activity increases your chances of living a... 11 May 2017
10 Milestones in 10 Years WISS opens its doors in Fall of 2006 with 17 students from Nursery to Grade 2 and ended the school year with 37 students. Year 2... 30 Mar 2017
Teacher Talk Living and traveling abroad is life for Brent Jones, Individuals and Societies teacher in Secondary.  The Jones family, Brent,... 29 Mar 2017
A peak inside Josef Fiala’s Home Journal The Fiala family joined WISS three and a half years ago from Czech Republic.  Currently Josef is in Grade 1 and his sister is... 29 Mar 2017
Mother Tongue Language Learning By Mirjam van der Geijs, Local Director LanguageOne Shanghai-Suzhou   Every Tuesday afternoon Dutch and Flemish students... 29 Mar 2017
A Siberian Sojourn By Cheilaugh Garvey, Primary Art Teacher I’m not much of a beach bum, and I certainly don’t relish sporting my translucent... 29 Mar 2017
Your Dream Home-sold to you by French students! By Mirjam Berghuis, Head of Modern Languages Learning a new language has never come easily.  I was just lucky; my parents... 29 Mar 2017
4th graders exchange city comforts for a mountain adventure By Andrew Bailey, Grade 4 teacher Springtime is around the corner, and many will take to the road to explore places in China... 29 Mar 2017