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Family and Pets: The Perfect Match Cute animal videos going viral confirm it. Most people love animals!    And if you’re a pet owner, you... 11 Apr 2021
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Book Recommendations for March Are you looking for a good book? Have a look at the books that our Library Team recommends for you. This selection of books for... 25 Mar 2021
Making-Reality-a-Reality-at--WISS Making Virtual Reality a Reality at WISS: A Project of Collaboration and Technology When Grade 3 teacher Nadya Faqir decided to implement virtual reality in her 3rd grade classroom, she knew she might run into... 04 Feb 2021
WISScommunity a sense of belonging A Sense of Belonging: Building Community Together On many occasions, we have talked about the spirit of the WISS community. It’s just impossible not to bring up all the... 29 Jan 2021
WISS Tigers – Where are They Now? Alumni Feature – Cooper Vardy  “There are many reasons why people teach.  But one motivation that is shared by... 22 Jan 2021
5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Organized Every parent knows the all too common struggle of trying to help your child get organized to have more autonomy and... 13 Jan 2021
Watch Out on the Road! With more than 23 million inhabitants, it’s easy to imagine how heavy the traffic can get in a city like Shanghai. Thousands of... 08 Jan 2021
The Sapphire – Digital Media with a Tiger Twist- Tiger Pride Tuesday “The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” – Henry Ward... 01 Dec 2020
WISS Tigers – Where are They Now? Alumni Feature – Asha Luevano  “It is wonderful to see Asha back in Shanghai as she is doing online studying in... 18 Nov 2020
Ideas Too Big for a Classroom – Feature Friday Connect to Learning in a Real-World Context: Outdoor Classroom Day at WISS If there is something that identifies the WISS way of... 13 Nov 2020