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The WISS Family Fred Ding and Yu-Lin Phavichitr started at WISS in 2006 and 2007 respectively. This idea of the “WISS family” was the catalyst... 27 Oct 2016
Art is Not Fun By Cheilaugh Garvey, Visual Arts Teacher, Grade Kindergarten-Grade 2     “Ok, kids! See you later!  Have fun in art!”... 27 Oct 2016
Internationally Minded: a summer exchange in Brazil By Cooper Vardy, Grade 12 Being part of an international community can sometimes take us to places that we never imagined... 27 Oct 2016
Fashion Forward-nurturing growth through reflection In this article, Karla Jepsen, currently in Grade 11, reflects on her MYP Personal Project on high fashion.  Here, you will read... 26 Oct 2016
Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze – is it the cold or the flu? By Roshiley Tilistyak, Nursing Coordinator The cold and flu season is here again!  We are feeling it as we see the rise of... 26 Oct 2016
Getting to know Isha Joshi Isha Joshi is the Visual Arts teacher for Grades 3-5.   She comes from India and joined WISS in August 2015. She is a passionate... 26 Oct 2016
A journey with brush and paper By Astrid Greff Astrid Greff is mother to Noah and Chandler Greff in Grade 10 at WISS and an artist with a unique style and... 24 Oct 2016