WISS Today Article



Sue, Richard, Steve (WISS graduate 2015), Sara (Grade 7) and Sandra (Grade 4) are a longtime WISS family originally from Korea.

How many years has your family been a part of the WISS Community?

About 9 years. Give or take some months.


Tell us how you came to WISS. Where did you move from, did you live anywhere before that?

WISS was nearby our house and we decided to visit this school because of that reason.  We lived in Korea before coming to Shanghai or more like only Steve, Sue & Richard. (Sara and Sandra weren’t born yet) We stayed in Shanghai for seven and a half years before Sara was born and two more years before Sandra was born.


Why did you choose WISS for your family?

First of all, when we saw WISS, we saw how small this community was. We liked the fact that WISS was based on the IB programme so, we wanted to help expand it. At that time, we weren’t so good at English and only few schools accepted us. We took the advantage and we decided to choose WISS for our family.


What do you like most about WISS? What makes WISS unique?

Sue: I like how WISS is friendly towards me and others, like how parents can attend some activities (Choir, Orchestra, etc.), and with the workshops at school, I can understand my child’s academic learning of the IB programme.

Steve: I like how WISS makes students feel like they are in one community, like family and I think that’s something unique about it.

Sara: I like how our school is international. It gives me the chance to interact with others that aren’t easy to reach out to. I get to understand and learn different cultures from around the world. Things that aren’t local in my country and probably the country I live in right now, China. I guess that’s what makes WISS unique in my eyes.

Sandra: The awfully big library. It stands out in WISS because it has many books I don’t have at home. That is what makes WISS unique.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What do you enjoy doing as a family? How do you create your family time in Shanghai?

Sue: Violin, yoga, reading, community service, music concerts, traveling, watching movies, cooking as a family (Richard is always on business trips. He rarely has family time so we try to make the most out of it.)

Sara: My hobbies are playing instruments (Piano, Viola & Clarinet), reading, drawing, Football/Soccer.

Sandra: Drawing, Reading, Dancing. Yeah. Thats it. Oh! And cooking with my dad.


Please tell us about any special involvement that you have at WISS. Do you volunteer?Are you part of the parent committee group? Do you support the parent social functions? Why have you chosen to give your time to this project and how do you feel it complements the WISS community?

Sue: I was a part of the PCG(Parent Community group) and now I attend W.A.K.A (WISS Associative Korean Assembly) I also support the parent social functions. I have chosen to give my time to these projects because it is community service. I believe that once I help someone, some other person would help me when I undergo a hard time.


What is your favourite subject at WISS, and why?

Sara: Science and Humanities. Science because the assessments that are given are actually really fun and interesting. For example, creating a small book, creating a brochure, experimenting and then (not-so-fun) writing reports. Humanities because human beings have left a (I believe) very interesting history behind them. The history of human beings hook me up and really makes me interested in class.

Sandra: Art and Music. Art because I like to draw, Music because singing is fun.


What do you think of life in Shanghai?

 Sue: Exciting and much more peaceful than Korea in my opinion. I can focus on my own life and do whatever I want and that is the best part of life in Shanghai.

Sara: I don’t know why, but I think Shanghai is probably one of the most safest cities in the world. I mean there are accidents that happen now and then but there are not big threats like terrorist attacks or police men carrying guns.

Sandra: Good.


How has living abroad, and in Shanghai, changed you?(everyone)

Sara: Honestly, I have no idea because I was born in Shanghai and raised here ever since but I think I would have grown up very very differently if the environment if I lived in Korea rather than Shanghai.

Sue: In Korea, things that were important there are not as important here and things that were never important started to become more important. In Korea, I had to take care of each and every relative. I had no time to myself.  But in China, Shanghai, I have more free time to do whatever I want and unlike Korea, I can understand the world around me because I have more opportunities to make friends with people all around the world.