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by Lisa Kane, Early Years Deputy Principal

It’s that time of year again where there’s a shimmer of sparkle, a hum in the air and a beat in the feet. Oh yes! Its performance time in Early Years and as cold winds howl and cold winds blow, we are going arctic and embracing our inner animal with the warm and heartening tale of BIG FUZZY!

As we prepare for our annual showcase, we celebrate the talent and creativity of our Early Years staff and students. Together, the team is adapting the tale for our students; choreographing, costume designing, and building a stage set that would thrill the famed Elsa and Anna from Frozen. If you step inside our icy world you will see the icicles hang, dangling low as the northern lights they dance and glow.

It is through such events that the students can witness the Enthusiasm and Commitment of the staff as they role model those same attitudes that we strive to impart to our youngsters.  Working collaboratively on many levels, whether as a whole EY group, within class teams or across grade levels, there is the sharing of ideas, problem solving, creative thinking, planning, preparing, action… and even the sound of laughter amidst the mayhem!

It is also a pleasure to witness the changes that take place in the children throughout the rehearsal period, as they gain understandings of the part they each play in working towards a shared vision. They experience the dedication and motivation needed to reach the goals set for performance day. They demonstrate responsibility and respect whilst others perform and they are waiting patiently for their turn. They develop communication skills as they listen for and anticipate cues that inform them of what will happen next as they visually weave the tale for the audience. They participate in showing their appreciation for others as they reflect upon and celebrate each other’s personal successes. It is a platform that sees the development of self-confidence as they grow in ability, skill and voice.

And this is all the work that goes on behind the scenes before we add the lights, glitter and razzmatazz. A journey as magical as a trip across fields that glisten with newly fallen snow … a journey to the far flung north where the lights dance, sparkle and glow. A journey that celebrates the warmth of friendship in the harshest of climates…

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