WISS Today Article


By Jae Hyun Nam, 12th grade DP student


JaeHyun resizedJae Hyun Nam is a 12th grade DP student with a dream to pursue engineering in the aerospace industry.   Jae Hyun notes that mankind will need to start to think about alternative resources as we continue to extract Earth’s finite resources.  It’s is also pursuing “mankind’s dream” of exploring the universe which motivates him to study and learn more about outer space. Jae Hyun reflects about his how his passion for engineering and how his IB education at WISS has shaped his dream. 

Surprisingly, my interest in engineering first started not long ago around the time when I was deciding which classes to take for my International Baccalaureate DP. Before that, I believed myself to be more talented and interested in learning languages. However, I realized that I was more truly engaged with the smallest common practices held in everyday life, and that we do not recognize how much science is applied to it.  These mechanisms made me excited every time I research about them. That is how I found myself more as an engineer rather than a linguist.

While I was learning about astrophysics during grade 12 physics class, I found my vision of studying in the field of automotive and aerospace engineering. Although the content was not always interesting, the application of the facts and knowledge to the field made me ready to learn more. After watching the movies of The Martian (2015) and Interstellar (2014), my aspirations for future technologies such as space research rovers grew substantially bigger than the time when I still thought being a diplomat and getting a stable job would be my ultimate purpose of life.

Compared to the times when I was in my home country, Korea, I certainly believe that the education at WISS has helped me start breaking through the shackles of meaningless education that is only designed as merely a previous step before university education. Learning about international relationships and different interpretations is not an easy thing to do from a single nation. I realized this for the first time from my grade nine English class with Mrs. Scully. Before then, I have never interpreted any English literature so acutely, nor the author’s background that relates to the hidden meanings that I enjoyed finding.

I hope that my interests in modern aerospace and mechanical engineering will contribute to the fourth industrial revolution, which will mostly be about integrating our information technology to the mechanical developments such as robots. In 2016, the historical battle between the Artificial Intelligence ‘AlphaGo’ and a professional Go player Lee Sedol indicated the possibilities of how Artificial Intelligence is capable of substituting all the intelligence based jobs. The education of the world will change its aim from finding students who know more, to finding students who can think more, which I think the IB is doing. Therefore, as an IB student, I wish that my learning from the IB could ‘help shape the future’ by help finding possibilities of the interconnections between intelligence and technology in the fields of aerospace.