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Can you imagine over 100 dancers gathered in one place sharing their passion? That’s what happened in the last edition of DanceFest at WISS. This dance event is a showcase of all dance disciplines and an opportunity for students to share their passion and learn new techniques through a variety of workshops. This year, WISS welcomed students from seven schools in Shanghai who joined the event.  

Aiming to teach that each dance is unique, DanceFest organized different workshops to bring to the students the opportunity to explore all aspects of movement. These dance workshops were led by expert dance instructors where dancers explored and learned a variety of dance styles such as Capoeira, Ballet, Zumba, Charleston Jazz, Hip/hop, Jaz Funk, Creative movement, Afro and K-Pop, and Mindful Vinyasa Yoga.  

After exploring all the workshops, students prepared for a final performance on stage, to show off their newly acquired dance moves. DanceFest is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the WISS Dance Company. All WISSDancers show off their skills, their perfect coordination, and what good teamwork is all about in a final spectacular group performance.

WISS Dance Company Primary Beginners performed Butter.

WISS Dance Company Primary Intermediates performed Birthday.

WISS Dance Company Primary Advanced performed Ultralife.

WISS Dance Company Secondary performed Happy Birthday. 

The dancers from Shanghai Dance School Theatre Academy were also part of the DanceFest and finished the day with an astonishing performance.  

DanceFest on the news!

DanceFest is a celebration! A festival of dance that fascinates all #dancelovers in Shanghai. This year, the ICS media channel joined WISS to report one of the most anticipated events of the season for the WISS Dance Company and many other dancers in and around Shanghai! 

 Don’t miss the video coverage of DanceFest by ICS!

Be sure to join us next year at the WISS DanceFest!