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Carena Catering is reaching out beyond WISS to care for migrant children in Xujing.
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“Cater with care” is Carena Catering’s business ethos and something that is extremely important to Carena manager and head chef Jeff Huang.  Carena has partnered with a local Xujing after school center to donate the leftover food from the canteen each day.   This after school center is for migrant worker children who need adult supervision because their parents are still at work and cannot be at home to care for them.  Migrant workers who come to Shanghai often work long hours and after school care is one of the most pressing needs for families with both parents working.   Most families are on a strict budget as their salaries are often sent to their hometown to care for family members in their villages or to save money for their children’s’ future education needs.   At the center, adult volunteers help the children complete their daily homework and act as a mentor for the kids.  Parents can feel assured their children are being looked after in safe and caring environment.  0223_9-small size

Everyday after the WISS meal service, Jeff and his staff pack up the extra food in containers.  The school sends two volunteers who come to pick up the food which is then distributed to the children at the center.  Adult volunteers only eat if there is anything leftover that the kids did not take.  Thanks to Carena Catering led by Jeff to care for the community of Xujing. Now, these children can receive a daily meal which is nutritious and healthy.   What a wonderful way to demonstrate our WISS core value of being a caring community.