WISS Today Article

By Ju Hee Kim, Secondary Math Teacher and Robotics Program Teacher

IMG_0651 resized IMG_0647 resizedThis academic year WISS Secondary School started the Robotics programme every Thursday as an after school activity. The Robotics Team is made up of Ms. Kim – teacher of mathematics, Mateo Vender, a grade 11 student and twelve enthusiastic students with little knowledge of robotics, but with plenty of passion and curiosity. The members of the Robotics Team range from 5th grade to 8th-grade and kicked off their learning journey by working with VEX IQ hardware components.

As a part of the programme, the students’ introduction to robotics started with the construction of the Clawbots. For this initial project, the students worked in groups of 3 with the mission to follow the 116 assembly processes and manage to build functioning robots at the end of the process. It took six weeks of hard work and intense learning at times for the teams to complete their project successfully and it proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for all members involved.

Robotics is giving the opportunity for the students to work as a team, develop a better understanding of how mathematics, engineering and simple programming can be combined to produce a structure that is both fun and functional. We are going to learn about different types of simple machines, Pendulum, Chain reaction devices, Friction, Centre of Gravity, Gear Ratio, Object Manipulation, Lifting Mechanisms. And we are looking into the future, even taking part in Robotics’ competitions such as the VEX IQ Challenge Crossover.