WISS Today Article

Congratulations to Aiko Ishii Casas (Grade 9) for her recent participation in the ITOEN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest. There were 1,862,954 haiku works that were submitted worldwide for the competition.   In the junior high school students’ category, there were 416,967 haiku submissions.  Aiko’s piece was selected and certified as “a fine piece of work.”


“I have joined to this contest since G4. In the first year I have learned how to make haiku and expressed my feeling directly in it. The most important part while making a haiku piece is to enjoy and to relate with my emotion,” says Aiko.  The WISS Japanese Community students and parents have submitted Haiku works in the contest and we were very pleased for the achievement of our students since 2011.

早朝の 沸かす湯の音 冬の歌

so u cho u no    wa ka su yu no o to     fu yu no u ta


“The main theme of this haiku is the winter morning of Shanghai. During Shanghai’s winter, it is very cold and to warm myself up, I drink hot tea before going to school. Furthermore, drinking something warm can start my day. While boiling the water, there are bubbles which make noises and this feature reminds me that the water is singing and dancing. Overall, this haiku is about boiling the water during Shanghai’s winter morning.”