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Every parent knows the all too common struggle of trying to help your child get organized to have more autonomy and responsibility over their day. We sat down with Jae Oh, WISS Student Support Specialist & School Counselor, to get real, applicable tips on how we can help empower our children with the tools and strategies so they can become a bit more organized and responsible.

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1. Set up a Routine

Create to-do lists for each day and help your child get used to planning ahead.

Use checklists to help them feel successful when they accomplish each plan of the day. 

Discuss the priorities of the to-do list with your child and come up with which tasks should be completed first together.

WISS_tips 5 tips to help your kid
Student at the Western International School of Shanghai.

2. Display a Monthly Family Calendar

Place a family calendar where every member of the family can see. 

It is important that the whole family participates in sharing their monthly plans. If plans get canceled, let the rest of the family know.

Update any important family gatherings in advance so your child can plan and organize their to-do lists ahead of time.

WISS_tip_5 tips to help your kid
Student and teacher at the Western International School of Shanghai.

3. Use a Timer 

Start using a timer for simple chores (i.e., walking the dog for 30 minutes, reading for 10 minutes) and teach them how long 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour last. Make it a game!

Discuss together with your child and set up a time for their homework and recreation time. Give them agency – allow them to make the choices and decisions. 

After working with your child on using the timer several times, have them practice on their own. 

WISS_tip_help your kid_organised
Students at the Western International School of Shanghai.

4. Color Code 

Help your child color code their textbooks or folders according to the subject, and match these with timetables and other relevant materials.

This will help your child find what they need quickly and remember where they need to be or what they should be doing.

5 tips to help your kid
WISS student at the Western International School of Shanghai.

5. Putting It Into Practice 

Every child needs time to develop organizational skills. Be patient and help your child understand why we need routines. And plan ahead.

When you catch your child demonstrating good organizational skills, shine a spotlight on them. Provide plenty of rewards and praise along the way. 

Review what works and what doesn’t work with your child and try different strategies. 

WISS_tips 5 tips to help your kid
Student at the Western International School of Shanghai.

We hope you can find ways to implement these organizational tips, tools, and strategies in your everyday life.

We want to hear from you! What kind of tips/strategies work in your home? Share in the comments how you help your child get and stay organized!