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WISS Students Receive Prestigious Scholarships Awards In line with the values and traditions of the Western International School of Shanghai, we recognize the achievements and... 25 Apr 2022
WISS Alumni | Where are They Now? Welcome to our next WISS Alumni Spotlight edition.    We reached out to Madison St. George, a WISS Alumni who... 19 Apr 2022
WISS Winners Announcement | The Tiger Who Came To Tea The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) is pleased to announce the winners of the WISS Writing Competition | Tiger... 01 Apr 2022
Book Recommendations for Spring Reading is one of the best pastimes and a great way to relax during this staycation period. If you are looking for the best... 30 Mar 2022
WISS Students Explore Poetry with Renowned Poets This past week, WISS students and teachers celebrated World Poetry Day. Poetry is considered the most passionate form of writing... 25 Mar 2022
WISS Students Take Action to Help End Modern Slavery | #MyFreedomDay Sometimes the power of a hashtag can cross borders and mobilize thousands of people. #MyFreedomDay an initiative supported by... 18 Mar 2022
WISS Alumni | Where are They Now? “One of the most challenging tasks for any human being is to confidently share their true self with society without losing... 14 Mar 2022
WISS Wins ACAMIS Basketball Competition – Tiger Pride Today’s Tiger Pride goes to our WISS High School Girls Basketball team, which recently won the ACAMIS Basketball... 11 Mar 2022
WISS Students Apply Critical-Thinking to Real-World Problems At WISS, we believe that problem–based learning inspires students to become true IB learners. This approach to teaching and... 09 Mar 2022
How WISS Supports Transitions | Kindergarten to Grade 1 For adults, change is constant, and reactions to change have become part of daily life. However, for children, the process of... 01 Mar 2022
WISS Supports UN Initiative – International Day of Women and Girls in Science Research shows that only 28% of the global Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workforce consist of... 11 Feb 2022
Tips for a Successful Scholarship Application Have you ever wondered what the scholarship committee awarding the scholarship wants to see?  Earning a scholarship is an... 06 Feb 2022