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More Fun Asia Speech competition brought together international and local students from different schools in their first Annual Voices of the Future Speech Competition. Students aged 6 to 18 from Shanghai, Kunshan, and Suzhou, used their voices to impact the community positively.  

This year’s theme was Environmental Solutions for a Better Future. With this concept in mind, students prepared a debate in which, apart from showing their view on this topic, they were also able to propose solutions for some of the current problems that affect our environment and, therefore, the quality of our lives.  The entire competition was held online, but this was not an obstacle for our excellent communicators: Julian and Ethan.

Today, our #TigerPride goes to these two brothers, who are a great representation of WISS students and IB learners. Both students worked on their speeches, improving their public speaking skills and their expositions. They created persuasive videos that have managed to impress and captivate the jury who have decided to reward them with this distinction. Julian has been awarded 1st place, and Ethan has been awarded 2nd place in the second category of the competition. 

For WISS it is an honor to have students like Julian and Ethan who exemplify what it means to be an IB learner, demonstrating their concern for the real problems of our society, acting to find solutions, striving for a better future for the global community and demonstrating their role as Global Citizens. 

Don’t miss the interview we had with these two speech geniuses! 

 Meet Julian and Ethan, WISS Primary student

How and why did you decide to take part in this competition? 

Julian: Because in school, we were asked to choose a particular topic about global issues, and I chose to do research about air pollution. It happened that the topic I chose was related to the theme of the competition, so I decided to take part in the competition. 

Ethan: Because I thought it would be a fun experience to join the competition. And also want to share my speech to raise awareness the people around the world about this issue. 

Environmental Solutions for a Better Future” is the theme of the competition. What springs to mind when you hear the word environment? 

Julian: Whenever I hear the word environment, I always imagine nature, a place that is very vital to mankind and animals. Environment plays an important role to humans as it provides everything, from food to clothing, and materials we need to survive. 

Ethan: The first thing that comes to mind when hear the word environment is the word problem. Our environment faces a lot of problems for several decades now, and there is no concrete solution to these issues. 

 What was your speech focused on? 

Julian: My speech was focused on the cause and effect of air pollution. I also added some ways to prevent it to raise awareness among people listening to the message of my speech. 

Ethan: My speech is focused on ocean pollution, the cause of ocean pollution, and its effects on humans and other living things. I also added some facts about the danger of ocean pollution to our planet. I emphasized some ways and means on how we could avoid this problem in the future. 

 How do you think we could get a better future? 

Julian: Everybody should work together and participate in helping to solve global issues. These problems are not just the responsibility of one person but all. Encouraging people to work as one can lead us to a brighter future. 

Ethan: People should take care of the Earth more and should be accountable for every action they make. Taking care of it should be one of our priorities for the sake of the future generation. 

 What solutions are in our hands to take care of our planet? 

Julian: As a student educating ourselves about the risks of different kinds of pollution is a must. Taking part in some school activities like tree planting, and a community clean-up drive would also be worthwhile. Raising awareness about how vulnerable our planet is, is also a good idea. 

Ethan: We should use our bodies and mind to take care of our planet. In this way, we can take part in some community or school activities that are beneficial to our environment. Teaching everyone, and sharing knowledge about ways on how we can take care of our planet is also useful. 

 What does this recognition mean to you? 

Julian: This recognition means a lot to me because finally, my effort has paid off. I am honored to receive this recognition together with my brother.  I didn’t expect that I will win because I believe that all of the participants in the competition were also very competitive like me. 

Ethan: I am happy to receive this recognition because I have worked hard to get this far.  I didn’t expect that I would win, I just tried my best to deliver my speech and presentation to everyone. 

 What actions do you take in your daily life to contribute to a better future? 

Julian: I try to practice not using single waste plastic. I also persuade my parents and friends to do the same. Through these small actions, I can help to save mother earth. 

Ethan: My family and I  plant trees in our house. We also join Earth day activities and other environmental affairs in my community. Through these actions, we can help save the environment and lessen the effect of global warming. 

How does it feel to be, together with your brother, winners in the second category of the competition? 

Julian: I feel proud of myself and my brother as well. To be honest, I wanted to get the third prize because I am more interested in staying in the hotel than going on camping, but still, I am happy with the result. 

Ethan: I felt proud and happy for myself and my brother for bagging the first and second prizes in the 2nd category of the competition. His success is my success too. 

 How can we get the society to commit more to environmental actions to improve our future? 

Julian: I think we should spread awareness to many different people. And the government should also have some special programs to deal with such issues. They also need to make sure that these programs and well implemented. 

Ethan: We should acknowledge the problem and find a solution. We must spread awareness about the negative impact of these environmental issues. I think the government should have the political will in solving these dilemmas. 

How did WISS help you to think about sustainable future for everyone and to be a committed citizen? 

Julian: WISS is committed to helping save the environment. If I am not mistaken, our school donated to a particular foundation that raises environmental concerns. Through this action of WISS, I am encouraged to help and do my part as a student. 

Ethan: WISS taught us the negative impact of different environmental problems. We have learned that polluting the mother earth could lead to a bigger problem in the future. In school, we have also some programs where we learn how to take care of our planet. For example, the earth day our school celebrates this festival every year. 

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