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The Western International School of Shanghai is one of the few schools in Shanghai to offer scholarships to students. The WISS Scholarship Program is the result of our efforts to provide students with exceptional talent an opportunity to receive a top international education in Shanghai.  

Currently, WISS offers four types of scholarships to those students who are a good example of what means to be an IB student and who meet all the requirements to make the most of their studies.

In addition to these in-house scholarships, rising Grade 12 students at WISS are eligible for a scholarship to attend the SCAD Rising Stars Program. This year two of our students, one in the IBDP and one in the IBCP, received a scholarship for this pre-college summer program at SCAD.

Rose and Emos IB students at WISS
Rose and Emos, IB students at WISS

WISS constantly works to offer every possible opportunity to develop the capacity, add knowledge and motivate our students as they complete the IB programme. This scholarship offered at WISS in collaboration with SCAD gives students a great opportunity to continue expanding their knowledge and skills in a unique, professional environment.

IB Career-related Programme at WISS

WISS is the only school in mainland China, offering the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) as part of the full continuum of IB programmes. One of the aims of the IBCP is to provide students with practical skills and experiences in their chosen professional field.

The IBCP not only equips students with the necessary knowledge and theory for their specialty but also with practical and technical training which will give them a head start in their university studies and will be essential for them when they start working. Students who join the IBCP are passionate about a specific discipline and have a good idea of what they want to do in the future.

Rose is one of our IBCP Sports pathway students who was awarded the SCAD Rising Star Scholarship this year. What was her experience like? Let’s find out!

Rose a CP students at WISS
Rose, CP Sports student at WIS

How did you react to the great news?

It was more exciting than nerve-wracking. I was very eager to meet the other students and learn from the courses that I chose because I’m passionate about them. And I wanted to make friends as well.

Where did you study?

I studied in Savannah, Georgia.

What did you do in SCAD? Could you explain how your classes were and what kind of skills you learned?

The two classes I took were advertising and equestrian studies. Both of these classes were 2h 30m which at times became difficult in terms of maintaining my concentration. However, the professors were super amazing and kind, and it became very clear from the beginning that all they wanted was for you to do well in the courses. Time and time again they would make themselves available whenever students asked for help and needed some guidance. In terms of the classes, this experience was very much a true college experience. So with that, I learned how important time management and being present in class is. If you miss a key bit of information it is not always that easy to pick it up again. However, my professors at SCAD were incredibly helpful and strived for the best possible outcome for their students.

Was this a positive experience for you?

I think it was positive because I gained a really valuable experience that hardly any high school students get to experience. That is the “college experience” – attending classes and dealing with schedules and transportation, etc. It really just clarified any questions or concerns I had about college and now I feel like I am 100% ready to go to college and am confident in how I will transition into college.

What were your best moments at SCAD?

Some of my best moments were going to the city and going shopping, getting food, having roommates, and living in a dorm. Overall, spending time with the friends that I made there was really the highlight of my whole SCAD experience.

Would you recommend this experience?

Yes, absolutely!

What does it mean to you to be an IBCP student?

I think it is very stimulating being the first WISS CP Sport “guinea pig”. However, that does come with the overwhelming sense of having to execute and do a really good job. There is no one to live up to in terms of my performance in CP Sports, therefore there is a sense of pressure to be the very first person to graduate, and not only do that but do it well. So there is a notion of paving the way for other CP Sport students. Although, this IB course does give me a sense of purpose and intrinsic motivation to do the best I can and work hard because it is suited to help me get to where I want to be and that is in the sports industry.

Why you would encourage students to join the IBCP at WISS?

The IBCP is for students who are passionate about one of the CP pathways and who know what they want to pursue later in life. Whoever does this program has to be sure of themselves as well as be real with themselves about where they want their career to take them. So if you fit those criteria then I highly recommend you give CP a strong consideration. CP not only heavily covers the real-world industry of that particular CP pathway and all aspects of that industry but also allows for 4/6 DP courses to be taken as well – HL or SL. To me CP is the best of both worlds, getting a really career-focused education with all the additional perks and also acquiring that DP experience and education too.

What are your plans for the future? Where would you like to continue your studies after WISS?

I am still exploring where in the world I would like to continue my studies. However, the UK or America seem like some strong fits for me. In terms of which aspect of sport I would like to study, at the moment it is a bit blurry which sector of the sports industry I would like to work in and be a part of. However, I would definitely like to study something around sports management/business.

IBDP Programme at WISS

At WISS, opportunities to expand knowledge and acquire new skills are open to all students who follow the IB programme. It’s not only IBCP students who have the chance to improve their skills and gain new knowledge. The Rising Star Scholarship in collaboration with SCAD is also offered to IBDP students who wish to enhance their academic and professional development during summer.

Emos is an IBDP student who also enjoyed a 5-week stay at SCAD. What was his experience like? Let’s find out!

Emos a DP student at WISS
Emos, DP student at WISS

How did you react to the great news?

My reaction towards this news was a slight surprise since I did not hold high expectations towards the verdict of my application. It was nice to have received funding to attend the program.

Where did you study?

I went to the main campus in Savannah.

What did you do in SCAD? Could you explain how your classes were and what kind of skills you learned?

In SCAD we had to complete actual college courses as participants were treated as actual SCAD students. I took a Communication and Drawing course due to my interest and the utility of the skills that can be acquired from the classes. In the Communication course, we learned how to give various types of speeches and practiced public speaking whereas the Drawing course taught me the basics of drawing such as form, shape, still-lifes, and perspective.

Was this a positive experience for you?

The scholarship was positive as it gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in the arts. It was also great that it covered all of the fees considering that tuition is very expensive in America. Without the scholarship, I would not have gone to the program.

What were your best moments at SCAD?

A great aspect of SCAD is that you see yourself improve drastically over the course if you put in the effort. The professors are great and have done considerable work in their respective fields so students are working with professionals with experience. Throughout the course, I saw my still-life drawings improve greatly, which was satisfying. Getting to meet students of similar interests and make friends was also a highlight of the program. I made various friends during the course that I still keep in touch with and it is great to see their future creative endeavors as well.

Would you recommend this experience?

I would recommend this experience, especially to those who are determined to do an art-related job in the future. The program attracts many driven art students that can fuel your ambition to better your artwork and also collaborate with other talented artists as well.

What does it mean to you to be an IBDP student?

Being an IB student means to have balanced interests with one’s passions and studies. Although I may not be pursuing art in the future, I find time to draw as a hobby as it allows me to connect and indulge in my favorite medium. Similarly, I have many other interests that coexist with my academics.

What are your plans for the future? Where would you like to continue your studies after WISS?

My plans for the near future are to score well in the IB and attempt to make it into MIT.

Want to learn more about our IB Programmes or the various scholarship opportunities at WISS? Don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Team at admissions@wiss.cn.