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For many people, summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year. When summer approaches we are in a good mood, we feel happier, more relaxed, and friendly. That’s because we all know, summer vacation is right around the corner.

Each one of us has our own reason to love summer. Some of us go back to our country to stay with our families, others go on dream trips, and some just stay in Shanghai to enjoy a relaxing summer at home. Whatever your reason is for loving summer, it is without question that a #MustDo during summer is to ENJOY!

WISS students recently returned back to school after a long and relaxing summer break. What did they do? How did they spend their time? Were they involved in some community activities? Did they visit other countries and learn from their cultures? Did they think of their future? Were they risk-takers?  We wanted to find out what WISS students did this summer, so we asked around!

As an international school in Shanghai our students are from more than 50 different countries and each summer they have a variety of experiences all over the world! We’re sure that our little Tigers are great IB students wherever they go! Check out how interesting and fun this summer was for our WISS Primary students!

Grade 1 Student: “I went to England and played with my friends.”

Grade 2 Student: “This summer I went to Taiwan with my family. Every night I played with my cousins and sisters. We had some parties and I also went to Australia for a singing competition. I enjoyed my summer very much.”

Grade 3 Student: “I went to my home country which is Malaysia. We visited our house and our family.”

WISS students

Grade 4 Student: “I went to India and I climbed a mountain.”

Grade 5 Student: “During this summer I went to London, England. I went to a camp that is only for girls and stayed there for 2 weeks. It was really fun. I stayed in London for 3 weeks in total. I went to the camp for two weeks, then we stayed in London for another week”.

What did you do during your summer vacation? Did you have an amazing summer? Contact our Marketing Team at crallo@wiss.cn and tell us about your summer. If we are jealous of your summer we will feature your experience on our blog!