WISS Today Article

Recently, the world celebrated #CalltoEarth Day – A global movement that emphasizes the importance of protecting our planet. At WISS, we are committed to protecting the planet and teach our students about the importance of sustainability and respecting the environment.  CNN, impressed by our way of educating in sustainability and our firm commitment to outdoor learning, decided that there was no better place in Shanghai to celebrate #CalltoEarth Day than our campus with our Early Years students. 

CNN joined WISS for one of our unique Forest School days. Cooking in our mud kitchen, building tents, or playing with loose parts outdoors is something that students at WISS are very familiar with 🙂 

Lisa Kane, PYP Coordinator at WISS, explained to CCN news why it is vital to teach sustainability at young ages. At WISS, 2.5-year-old children are in contact with the natural environment and build a strong relationship with it by becoming explorers, developing curiosity, and creativity.   

Fiona Morris, Early Years Principal at WISS, also showed CNN what our gardens look like and how we teach our students to plant and grow vegetables. Watch the video to explore more about WISS’s “magical” garden. 

We cannot prepare our students for the future without stressing the importance of caring for our planet and working together for a sustainable world for all. 

Here are some pics of how WISS celebrated #CalltoEarth Day 

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