WISS Today Article


Making books with children has a multitude of benefits, particularly for our younger students who are aspiring to be readers. Let’s take a look at why…

  • Picture and text integration: Children make the connection that pictures tell a story giving clues to the context and meaning of the accompanying text.


  • Documentation: Books are a visual way in which experiences, ideas and thoughts can be documented


  • Communication: Books are a way in which thoughts and ideas can be expressed, communicated and shared with others.


  • Collaboration: Working on a shared book which collates different ideas and experiences, facilitates the experience of working alongside others towards a common goal.


  • Cooperation: Working together successfully means cooperating. Sharing resources and turn-taking is one way that we learn cooperation.


  • Motivation: Children love sharing the books they make with others. The personal connection to the book gives children the confidence to share the story, promoting the idea that ‘I can read’. We are setting up readers for life!


In Nursery classes we are creating our own class books throughout the year, for children to share with their families. Take a look at some of the shares that are already happening…


Look for lots of upcoming exciting events and activities focused on reading this year at WISS!