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Early Years student at WISS
Back to School at WISS

Schools around the world are gearing up for students to return. The start of a new and exciting school year is just around the corner at the Western International School of Shanghai. As a parent, you can get your child ready for the start of school with a few easy strategies!

How can you help prepare your child for the start of a new school year after a long and relaxing summer? It is important when preparing for the return to school to plan ahead and get our kids off to a great start. Here are a few tips to get your child prepped for the first day of school:

Sit Down With Your Child and Set Some Goals

Goal setting is a great way to help your child reflect on what they hope to accomplish. Sit down with your child before the first day of school and set a few goals in different areas. Post these goals somewhere in the house that you and your child will see them often, perhaps on the refrigerator. If at any point during the school year you feel that your child is getting off-track then return to the list together and see what you can do to get back on track and make the most of this school year. Don’t just limit the goals to your child, parents can set goals for the school year too!

Here are some ideas of great goals for the year:

  • Make a new WISS student feel welcome
  • Do all of your homework every day
  • Read a new book every month
  • Try a new WISS Activity
  • Explore a new city in China on one of our many school holidays
  • Volunteer more in the Shanghai community
  • Guest write a blog post for our WISS Today Blog
  • Overcome your stage fright and get involved in the WISS Creative Arts or ISTA
  • Get involved in our Parent’s Association (This one is for you mom and dad!)
WISS students
WISS students

Out With the Old and in With the New

We all know that back to school shopping is an exciting step in preparing for the new school year. Although at WISS, we prepare by stocking up on lovely uniforms at the WISS Uniform Shop, there are still a few necessities you may need to stock up on. If your child had a summer growth spurt and you find yourself buying new socks, undershirts, shoes, and coats then this is a great time to clean out the closets and donate old clothing! You might also get a new backpack, water bottle, or other school items. This is a great time to clean out your closets. WISS accepts clothing donations in our Uniform Shop for Heart2Heart Shanghai and the Renewal Center.

WISS Uniforms
WISS Uniforms

Get Back to Your School Schedule

Those late summer nights and mornings of sleeping in are about to end. One of the best ways to prepare your child for returning to school is to get back to the school schedule a few days before school starts. Go ahead and set those early AM alarms and practice your morning household routines this week.

Reconnect With Classmates/Families You Haven’t Seen All Summer

The week before school begins is a great time to reconnect with WISS families that you haven’t seen all summer. This could even be your chance to get to know a new WISS family as well. Family Orientation on August 16th is a great chance for both parents and students to reconnect with old friends after a long Summer away from Shanghai! Try and make an effort to introduce yourself to a new WISS family as well as reconnecting with returning families.

Also, don’t miss the Parent’s Association Coffee Morning on August 22nd!

WISS Students
Welcome back!

Get Your Calendar Filled in for the New School Year

Print out your WISS 2019-2020 Calendar and start planning for the year ahead! There are some vacations approaching quickly that present a perfect opportunity to plan some awesome family vacations. Go ahead and fill out your calendar with all the events, trips, and activities to help your family manage and prepare for a busy year. You can also link our school calendar on the WISS Calendar and Events page to your personal calendar such as Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar by clicking the Add to Calendar button on the page so all events are added automatically.

If you’re a really tech-savvy parent then check out a family calendar app such as Cozi where you can input all of your families upcoming events and activities with shared reminders to keep everyone in the loop.

Back to school is an exciting time and here at WISS our teachers and staff are excited for an incredible year ahead! We hope that you come to the first day of school well-rested, energized and ready to make the most of this year!

Back to school at WISS
Back to school at WISS

**Do you have a great idea for a blog post?! We are currently looking for volunteers to guest write blog posts on WISS Today. Any interested parents, students, or staff should email crallo@wiss.cn.