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WISS students awarded in the 2021 Art & Writing Competition #TigerPride Today our Tiger Pride goes to two incredible students from Grade 8 who each created passionate and dedicated pieces of writing... 10 Dec 2021
CNN and WISS celebrating #CalltoEarth Day Recently, the world celebrated #CalltoEarth Day – A global movement that emphasizes the importance of protecting our... 24 Nov 2021
Preparing Your Child for the First Day of School At Western International School of Shanghai, we realize how nervewracking the first-ever day of school can be for little... 21 Aug 2021
A Letter to WISS from a WISS Graduate WISS is my happy and safe place, where I can completely be myself without worrying even a bit. It’s where I can laugh and see my... 30 Jun 2021
A Brushstroke of Leadership and Learning by Primary Action Cubs: Tiger Pride Tuesday Today’s Tiger Pride is dedicated to our Primary Action Cubs! Their recent hard work and creativity have... 25 May 2021
5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Organized Every parent knows the all too common struggle of trying to help your child get organized to have more autonomy and... 13 Jan 2021
The Sapphire – Digital Media with a Tiger Twist- Tiger Pride Tuesday “The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” – Henry Ward... 01 Dec 2020
Welcome back! Excitement everywhere! Our campus is getting back to normal so that we can do what we know best: TEACH! WISS teachers welcoming... 30 Apr 2020
5 Platforms for Online Learning During Coronavirus At the Western International School of Shanghai, we were mandated to close our campus and switched over to e-learning at the... 31 Mar 2020
Christopher playing basketball at WISS On the Court with Christopher Stanley: Tiger Pride Tuesday Sports are essential in life. At the Western International School of Shanghai, sports are part of our balanced approach.... 19 Nov 2019
Learning spaces at the Western International School of Shanghai How Can Learning Spaces Improve Learning? Education is changing. As educators, at WISS, we know that teaching methods have to adapt and match to current trends. We aim to... 09 Nov 2019
WISS Students at SCAD University The Western International School of Shanghai is one of the few schools in Shanghai to offer scholarships to students. The WISS... 20 Sep 2019