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This past week, WISS students and teachers celebrated World Poetry Day. Poetry is considered the most passionate form of writing and a powerful tool of expression. This literature genre often becomes a treasure to those who read it and offer a depth and breadth of creativity, emotions, symbolism, and hidden meanings for readers to discover.  

Poetry is for all ages. Through poetry, WISS students learn to interpret texts, realize that one word can have many different meanings, learn to name emotions, and become more creative and perceptive.   

As part of the Unit of Inquiry ¨How, We Express Ourselves¨, Primary School students at WISS explored the world of Poetry, researching the forms of poetry through reading, online media, and reviewing poetry performances. To enhance our students learning experience, WISS collaborated with renowned poets Michael Friday and Karen Sandberg, who joined WISS via video chat from the United States. Students gained a wealth of knowledge through this experience and were offered the opportunity to interview the experts. They learned that poets could sometimes spend years writing and revising a single poem! Together, they practiced drafting poems and used tools such as rhyming dictionaries and thesauruses to revise and improve their texts. 

This extraordinary experience culminated in a recital as part of the “WISS Poetry Café,” where students shared poems, some of which were written by them, with their peers and teachers. Poetry café provides an excellent opportunity to practice communication skills and build confidence in public speaking. As part of a WISS Education, students develop critical communication skills that allow them to effectively express ideas and information in a confident, creative, and multi-lingual environment. The WISS Poetry Café offers students the opportunity to demonstrate how to express themselves through language while stimulating their creativity and self-expression. 

Writing continues to be an excellent way to express and share feelings. Recently, our Secondary students reflected on what they were feeling and transformed those feelings into poems. Click here to read the poems.

WISS teachers also joined the World Poetry Day celebration by writing poems in their mother tongues or reading some of their favorite ones in different languages.  

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