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WISSians! Save the date! Join the WISS Community on the 19th of February, 2022, for an exhilarating in-depth experience of the world of theatre with our ISTA Festival “Borders, Barriers, Boundaries -The push and pull.”   

 About “The push and pull” ISTA Festival 

The push and pull Festival will explore the freedom to move freely in your society, the nature of migration, why people cross borders, and the impact of this displacement/isolation or separation on lifestyle and mental health.  

Migration has always been a big part of our history, and the movement of people and culture from one place to another has been a significant step in so many of our major settlements. People migrate for many different reasons.  

The main goal of the Festival is for young people to leave feeling informed and engaged with the world they are living in by responding creatively to it. Participants will use written, visual, and audio inspiration throughout the day while working with other ensemble members and an ISTA professional.  

Students will participate in workshops including “making the invisible visible” through mime work and, at the end of the day, share in a performance in the Orsini Theatre at WISS. The theme of this work (migration) is fundamental and multi-layered and has the potential to inspire our future generation to make positive change in small and big ways. 

The Festival is s full-day teeming with exciting workshops guided by a professional ISTA instructor.   

Students from Grade 5 through Grade 10, participating in this Performing Arts Festival will benefit from an opportunity to master new techniques, explore strategies, and learn methodology. At the same time, they enrich the development of the key skills of an IB Learner. Through their participation, students will develop and enhance their skills in teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and confident speaking skills, in addition to expressing emotions and feelings through drama under the guidance of a professional ISTA instructor. 

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