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Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner! We are getting ready to enjoy this traditional Chinese celebration. And what’s the best way to do it? By preparing something delicious! If you think macaroons are the best sweet ever, it’s because you haven’t tasted mooncakes!

Each 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. Families get together, eat mooncakes, and drink tea while contemplating the sky and full moon. According to Chinese tradition, these cakes are offered as a symbol of happiness and prosperity. So if some of your Chinese friends gives you a mooncake, you will be a happy and lucky person!  

One of the Coolest Cakes

Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied. Each region is characterized by having its typical dish, ranging from sweet, savory, spicy or extra spicy (only for the bravest!).

So if you’re a foodie, in China you’ll find a great variety of flavors and the most spectacular recipes that you can imagine. Shanghai is one of the Chinese cities where you can find typical food from all parts of China. On every corner, you’ll find restaurants that will attract your appetite with their delicious aromas.

Mooncakes are part of those traditional dishes so you can have them sweet or savory depending on the region. Mooncakes are not only exquisite on the inside but also the outside because of their shape and delicate decoration. Would you like to make yummy mooncakes? Click here to read the recipe.

Mid-Autumn Festival at WISS 

As an international school, the #WISScommunity represents over 50 different nationalities, offering a truly international learning environment, while still fostering an appreciation and respect for our host country through our well-developed Mandarin language and literature classes as well as the various cultural events and celebrations organized at WISS.

This week, our little Tigers enjoyed activities celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. They decorated lanterns, sang, danced, and even baked traditional mooncakes! Here are some photos of how fun it was!

EY students making mooncakes

Chinese tea ceremony

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in EY

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in EY

EY students decorating lanterns

Students aren’t the only ones who celebrated. #WISSparents learned how to prepare and decorate mooncakes too. And looking at these pictures, it seems like it was a lot of fun!


WISS parents learning how to make traditional mooncakes

WISS parents making mooncakes

And you…? What are your plans for the Mid-Autumn Festival? Share them with us! WISS wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!