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This Tiger Pride Tuesday we are featuring WISS HS Girls Basketball Team. We are so glad to announce that our Tiger Girls have won the 9th Annual That’s Shanghai Annual Sports Awards in two categories: the WISS HS Girls Basketball Team won the award for U18s Team of the Year and Serena Carpinelli Carranza won the award for the U18s Personality of the Year.

These awards are not a stroke of luck. Each week they work hard to improve their techniques and work as a team in order to achieve great results on the court. We cannot be prouder of our champions for this recognition of the effort, hard work, and the dedication that our WISS Girls Basketball Team show in each practice and match.

That´s Shanghai Annual Sports Awards takes place every year with the aim to recognize those who really stand out in the amateur sports scene in Shanghai. Anyone can vote for their favorites and this time a big part of the audience voted for our WISS HS Girls Basketball team.


WISS Girls Basketball Team, U18s Team of the Year

The WISS Girls Basketball Team consists of 13 players who are committed to practicing 3-4 times a week for 3 months. This year the Lady Tigers were undefeated in exhibition and league play, going 14 and 0, which ranked them 1st place in the SISAC D1 Girls Championships. During the course of their 14 and 0 season, our Lady Tigers outscored their opponents, on average, by more than 15 points. Our ladies wrapped-up their season with a Silver Medal finish at the SISAC Championships – the second best Girls High School Basketball Team in the city. The best any Western International School of Shanghai Basketball Team has ever placed…WISStory was made!


Serena Carpinelli Carranza, U18s Personality of the Year Award

Serena Carpinelli Carranza a student from Grade 8 was awarded the U18s Personality of the Year Award. Basketball is her passion – it´s in her blood. 

Serena Carpinelli with the That’s Shanghai Annual Sports Award

Tell us a little more about you. Where are you from?
I’m from Spain, I’ve been here for two years. 

How long have you been playing basketball? 
I started when I was 5 years old, so it´s been 8 years now.

What does it mean for you to have won the U18s Personality of the Year Award?
This means a lot to me because it gives me the energy to practice every day and to continue to be the person that I’m today.

Could you describe your experience playing for the WISS Basketball Team?
Playing for WISS takes a lot of energy because I play against older players. I am the youngest on the team. I try to encourage my team and give them strength by playing the ball and passing and shooting. Even though I am the youngest, it doesn’t matter how old you are you can still be one of the best on the team.

How important is basketball for you?
It´s very important because my dad was a professional basketball player so this means that one day I could be as good as my dad was. This also means that my dad is very happy when he comes to watch me during my games and I feel very proud.

What is your secret to maintaining a good balance between studies and sport?
I go to practice three times a week, so during the rest of the days, I try to study harder to get good grades so I can continue playing basketball.

Could you give any advice to students who want to play basketball?
Yes, don’t be afraid to be you in sports. Just try your best and don’t be afraid of the ball or the weaknesses that your opponents might see in you.

We cannot forget to mention the amazing work that our coaches and team managers do every day to encourage our Tiger Girls. Coach Vaughn Stanley and Coach Katrina Clow spent numerous hours after school, on the weekends, and during games bonding, teaching, and supporting the WISS athletes. None of their success would have been possible without the help of our team managers, Isabelle Knutsson and Alice Tian, who helped manage all the logistics before, during, and after games. Our Athletic Director, Tony Anderson, was also instrumental in making sure everything ran smoothly and all we had to worry about was having fun and playing basketball.

Do you want to find out more about WISS Athletics? Click here or contact to the Director of Sports, Tony Anderson tanderson@wiss.cn