WISS Today Article


True leadership is not derived from status or position. True leadership is hard earned through dedication, commitment, and excellence to an area of expertise that serves a wider community. True leadership works from the bottom up – there is impact and lives are changed because of the work of a leader.

WISS proudly recognizes Ms. Doreen Garrigan, Primary Principal, and Ms. Liz Jones, Director of Visual Arts, for being selected by the IBO headquarters to contribute their leadership to the global IB community. For this school year, both will be engaged in the evolvement of the IB framework in their respective areas of expertise.

Ms. Garrigan is one of three IB Educators globally invited to work with the head office members at The Hague to participate in a “design meeting for the Programme Standards and Practices Revision Project”. Her role will be to add commentary and suggestions on how the IB standards and practices can be incorporated into school culture, learning, and teaching.

Ms. Jones has been selected to participate in the MYP Arts Curriculum Review panel. This panel of educators, selected by the IB, is represented by IB Arts teachers from around the world. The purpose of this panel will be to reflect upon, update and revise the current curriculum document for the IB Art Programme. Joining this committee is also Ms. Anne Drouet, former WISS Director of Performing Art (2009-2017).

We look forward to seeing the truly transformative work coming from the IB in support of their mission  to “create a better and more peaceful world” and are grateful to have such dedicated educators as Ms. Garrigan and Ms. Jones at WISS. Their work will truly “inspire minds to shape the future” here and around the world.