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With more than 23 million inhabitants, it’s easy to imagine how heavy the traffic can get in a city like Shanghai. Thousands of cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and pedestrians….. Everybody is in a hurry trying to arrive at work, school, or home on time. 

Watch Out on the Road

In Shanghai, like in all other cities, long traffic jams are formed during peak hours. All the rush and the desire to arrive on time make us forget about being careful and cautious on the road. For most of us, driving a car is a routine. However, we should not get too comfortable and remember that we are taking a big responsibility for our and other lives.   

Road Manners: Good Behavior on the Road

What’s the appropriate behavior on the road? First of all, we should respect the traffic rules and use common sense.  If we approach limited speed zones such as parks, schools, residential areas, or any other area marked as such, our attention and caution must multiply.

Watch Out on the Road!

Not only respecting the traffic signs, traffic lights, and traffic rules but also following the rules and indications of the people directing the traffic, whether they are police officers or other qualified workers. 

Every day, at our school entrance, we see people who do not respect traffic rules. Our staff, including teachers, guards, and even our Directeur, ensure the safety of the students and parents who come to school taking a pleasant walk every morning. 

At WISS, we educate our students to become respectful citizens, and this includes many things like respect for the rules and civil behavior. Being kind and patient are the most straightforward and greatest virtues of all. Let’s share them!   

Dos and Don’ts on the Road

With this video, we aim to make drivers aware that some areas require special attention and caution. Schools, hospitals, or sites that attract many people are some of the places where you have to be extremely careful on the road.

Good behavior on the Road.

Both early in the morning before the classes start and in the afternoon when they finish, the entry and exit of children is constant for at least 30 minutes.  Be extremely cautious and understand that being in a hurry can put someone’s life at risk. Follow the instructions of guards and authorized personnel who are in charge of guaranteeing the safety of all the commuters.

Watch Out on the Road

Essential Tips for Drivers 

  • Respect traffic regulations.
  • Do not use your mobile while driving.
  • Reduce speed when you approach areas where the speed is limited, such as schools, residential areas, hospitals, etc
  • Give way to pedestrians when the traffic lights indicate so or at the designated zebra crossings, especially in school or hospital zones.
  • Be especially careful when the pedestrians are children or older people. And do not start the car until they have crossed completely.
  • Do not change direction in areas where it is not allowed.

Respect the directions of authorized personnel who control traffic, whether they are police, guards, or other authorized personnel.

#WISStip: Think, respect, and use common sense on the road!