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Next week is one of China’s biggest celebrations – Golden Week. From 1-7 October, the whole country commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This year is the 70th anniversary of the new China, so the parade which takes place every year in Tiananmen Square in Beijing is going to be even more spectacular.

This great week is the perfect time for you to explore the city. Don’t make excuses to stay at home! We are going to help you out by sharing a plan to make the most of this vacation.

Shanghai is a fantastic city with thousands of spots to discover. It surprises you every day with lots of new things going on. During your holiday week, you can choose from an endless list of what the city can offer according to your preferences.

Don’t miss this stunning video of Shanghai! This movie was created by Robert, a WISS student, for his Personal Project Exhibition 2019.

So check out these seven things to do during Golden Week in Shanghai!

Find a Great Place for a Picnic

October is a great month to enjoy outdoor activities. Neither too hot nor too cold, autumn is the ideal time to plan a picnic in one of the beautiful parks in the city. Century Park in Pudong and Zhongshan Park or Fuxing Park in Puxi are all perfect places to enjoy good food and time outdoors.

Take a Bike Ride

If during your workweek you mainly commute by car, bus, or subway, swap it for getting around on a bike during this holiday period! A relaxing bike ride on the tree-lined streets of the Former French Concession is a great way to explore the city and also get fit.

Dare to Try Something Different

During this week you have a perfect opportunity to do the things you have been putting off, like maybe going to a restaurant that caught your attention. Shanghai’s cuisine is varied and full of surprising flavors and dishes. Have you tried all of them? You have the perfect occasion to get started.

Explore the Art Scene

Art is an indispensable part of our balanced curriculum. That’s why we always think that it’s a good idea to visit one of the museums or art galleries in Shanghai. Visiting the artistic district M50 is a great way to spend a morning perusing lots of art. We fully recommend it!

Visit Traditional Shanghai Markets

For once leave your mobile aside and remind yourself what it is like to shop on the street, surrounded by different products that you can smell and touch. When was the last time you visited a fruit shop?

Now that you have some time to get familiar with what your neighborhood has to offer, we’re sure you will be surprised. You can also go to one of the most popular markets in Shanghai, such as the South Bund Fabric Market, Hongqiao Pearl Market, or one of the Flower and Bird Markets.

Getaway to Explore the Area Surrounding Shanghai

Zhujiajiao is a water canal town located 30 minutes away from Shanghai. Visiting this charming town you will experience the essence of China, its people, and its culture.

There are many other places which are a little further away, but they are still worth spending a full day there. The two that we recommend are Suzhou with its beautiful gardens or Hangzhou where you can visit the tea plantations or enjoy the stunning views of its immense lake.

Enjoy a Chinese Massage

Taking some rest is a must during this break. One of the best ways to do it is by having a massage. It will allow you to relax fully, switch off, and reconnect with your inner self. Try it, and you’ll feel like new!

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