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It is always a pleasure to receive specials guests at WISS, especially when their visit is related to the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP). Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) is the only school in mainland China, offering the IBCP as part of the full continuum of IB programmes. This week the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) visited us in Shanghai to introduce the Art & Design Pathway to our rising Grade 11 students.

For these students, any advice is well appreciated, especially when having to make a decision about your future is just around the corner. Students who choose IBCP have a clear vision of their future and their career field. They are passionate about their fields of study. The IBCP at WISS offers three pathways: Sports, Production Arts, and Art & Design in collaboration with SCAD.

SCAD  visited WISS in order to give our students the opportunity to find out more about the Art & Design pathway and to get a taste of what their SCAD courses would be like. 

Grade 10 students learning more about the IBCP at WISS

The University for Creative Careers – SCAD

SCAD University, founded in 1978, is uniquely qualified to prepare talented students for professional, creative careers with more than 75 minors and certificate programs. Faithful to their values: be strategic, be innovative, be positive, be collaborative and be transformative – they prepare students for the creative professions through engaged teaching and learning in a positively oriented university environment. SCAD is one university — offering degrees in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, Hong Kong, and online via eLearning, with additional study abroad opportunities in Lacoste, France, and other locations.

Professor Meredith Lear-Perkins from SCAD

How do you represent depth in 2D art?

Visiting from the Hong Kong campus, Professor Meredith Lear-Perkins explained it to our students through an “Atmospheric Perspective” workshop. As Professor Lear-Perkins explains during the event,  ‘Atmospheric Perspective’ is the phrase used to describe our perceptions of objects that are in the distance. The conditions in the atmosphere change as an object or landscape extends far into the distance. These conditions cause objects to change in size, color, and texture.”

She illustrated this phenomenon with a great presentation tracing the use of this technique to its beginnings with the Disney illustrators and technicians that created the illusion of space in the original film “Bambi”. Our Grade 10 students got to experiment with how to create atmospheric perspective using overlapping drawings to get the desired effect of depth.

Atmospheric Perspective Workshop presented by visiting SCAD Professor

Students and parents also had the opportunity to get more information about SCAD University. Visiting SCAD professors presented their wide range of degrees, entry requirements and student life at SCAD.

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