WISS Event
09/11/2017 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Primary Building
WISS Campus


Parent conferences are almost here! These conferences are an opportunity for you and your child’s teacher to share information about how your child has settled into the school year and plans for appropriate learning goals for a successful year ahead. These meetings are valuable for all involved. The conference day will begin at 8:40am. Each conference is scheduled for 15 minutes. Please be on time to your conference so that disruptions to the day’s schedule are kept to a minimum. Conferences will be held in your child’s classroom.

Families can schedule their conference times by clicking on the link below. Due to the complexities of available times, appointments cannot be arranged through email. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any problems, please contact the Primary office.

Please follow the steps below to make your booking:
Go to the booking site by clicking: http://tinyurl.com/PTS-Nov-9-2017

• Look for an available time slot (for your child’s class) and enter your child’s name in one box only. For twins in the same classroom, please book two times, one for each child
• Email your child’s class teachers with details of the time you have booked for your child (teachers will keep a record of these times booked to ensure that no previously booked time is overwritten)
• Ensure that you only enter your child’s details in an empty box, do not make any changes to times that have already been booked
• Make a note of your time slot for Thursday 9th November and please arrive on time to ensure that all conferences can run to the schedule during the day
• EAL students – parents are free to book a time with their EAL teacher, should you wish to do this, please look for an available time slot and enter your child’s name in an empty box and email your child’s EAL teacher to confirm your booking time (as above for class teachers). Please note that booking is only available for those students who are receiving instruction with the EAL teacher.

For all families attending the conferences, please note the following important information:
· Parents are requested to come for their conference time and then return home following this time.
· All conferences are for parents and teachers only.
· There will be no classes for PYP students on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November.
· Parents will only need to come to school when their interview time is scheduled.