WISS Event
25/11/2019 – 26/11/2019 all-day
Martin Chatterton Author/Illustrator visit

Martin Chatterton Author/Illustrator visit

  • Illustrated 150+ books
  • Authored/Co-authored 40+ books
  • Co-authored many books with James Patterson
  • PhD in legacy of Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Website: https://www.worldofchatterton.com/
  • Three sessions each day, for a total of 6 sessions. Scheduled to be determined. PYP, MYP, DP/CP will all have at least one session.
  • Books will be available to purchase. Timing is contingent upon customs.
  • Martin’s performances feature large-scale interactive  ‘live’ drawing, ‘mind-reading’   and plenty of audience  participation.
  • EY: This presentation typically involves 6 or 7 ‘live’ drawings and several animated songs. Martin’s presentation is enlivened throughout with snippets of video, funny onscreen images and engaging audio
  • Primary: Adds Interactive narrative to the previous session. The underlying educational aspect of this presentation revolves around ‘stories’ and ‘characters’.
  • MYP: Beginning with drawings which focus on ‘live’ illustration, the sessions build to set piece ‘origin’ stories which bring in themes of narrative ingredients, beginnings, character, plot and resolution.
  • DP/CP: At the upper end of the school in grades 10, 11 and 12, Martin shifts the focus to thought-provoking subjects emerging from his PhD: most notably slavery, history, art as witness,  themes of memory, and a more in-depth examination of the differing approaches to writing.