WISS Event
20/04/2018 @ 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
WISS Cambus
555 Lian Min Lu
Qingpu Qu, Shanghai Shi


General Schedule for the Day

  • International Day – 10:30am – 2:30pm
  • 10:30am – Dancers followed by Parade of Flags
  • 11:00am – International Day stalls open
  • 11:00am-1:00pm – WISS performances (including WISS Dance Troupe and WISS Music Department)
  • 1:00-2:15pm – Country Group performances
  • 2:15pm – Closing performance
  • Where – WISS Front Fields
  • Whenever possible please try to park off campus as car parking spaces are limited. 
  • All Early Years parents to meet their children at 10:00am in their homeroom classrooms
  • 10:00-10:30am students, teachers and families assemble on the field in class groups (Early Years and Primary) and in grade level groups (Secondary) surrounding the parade area.
  • 10:30am Opening Ceremony(Dance) – followed by Parade of Flags, parents are welcome to join in J
  • 11:00am – country stalls open, please do not visit them before this time as they are being set up and will be closed


During the Day

  • Over 30 countries will be represented with a stall to visit where you can discover some of the sights, tastes and sounds of that country.  Please find the map of the event space attached for your reference.
  • Each child in Early Years and Primary will be given a passport that they can have stamped at each of the country stalls when they visit
  • Food Allergies – please remember to keep a close eye on your child when sampling foods at the country stalls.
  • A variety of performances will take place on the stage throughout the day.
  • Please help to take care of the school environment and put all rubbish in rubbish bags and rubbish bins around the International Day event space.



We hope that parents are able to come and spend the day with their child.  We understand though that some families will be working at their country’s stall during the day.  Classroom teachers will walk around with their Early Years, G1 and G2 students whose parents are not available to be with them. G3-G12 students will explore on their own with G3-G12 teachers generally will be supervising the whole area as they would during recess times.



Parking spaces are limited.  If you are arriving at school with your driver, please ask them to park off campus so that others needing the space to park their car are able to do so.  We have permission to park on YeLian Lu but please note:

  • Only park on the same side of the road as WISS
  • Only park between the signs indicating the temporary permission to park (if you park outside of the signs, fines could be issued)
  • No parking permitted on LianMin Lu


Wet Weather Plan (We hope we don’t need this!)

  • Should there be rain forecast or heavy rain in the lead up to the event, we will move the event to first floor locations running from Tiger Hall to the Cafeteria and Gym.
  • As space is very limited, we will only be able to relocate country stalls.  We will plan for a smaller parade of flags and an event space for performances to continue as planned.


International Group Tent

For the country/area groups where numbers of small, we have had a student from Grade 2 wishing to take action and highlight these countries.  If your country/area is not represented by one of the tents, please bring along a contribution for the international group tent which will be shared with the WISS community on the day.  If you would like more information about the tent and some contact information, please get in touch with Lily Ji at lji@wiss.cn.


Country/Area Group Hampers (Raffle Prizes)

A new initiative this year from our Parent Community Volunteer (PCV) group at WISS to help raise money for the Cambodia Project.  Over 20 country/area groups as well as WISS and Stoke have put together a basket filled with delicious treats and special items that represent the country, area or organization donating.  The baskets will be raffled off during International Day.  You may purchase tickets at 20 RMB each and then place it in the raffle box next to the basket that you would most like to win.  If you would like to win more than one basket or have a bigger chance of winning, purchase the tickets to place in the relevant raffle boxes.  To give you an idea, the hampers look something like this:


Computer Fair (Special WISS Discounts)

Do you need an upgrade? We’re pleased to announce that our technology partner is offering a discount to the WISS community for International Day. You will find staff located in the Annex, so please stop by!