WISS Event
22/03/2018 @ 6:00 pm
Orsini Theatre
WISS Campus

SEUSSICAL kids The Musical!


A CHILD stumbles upon a lone red-and white-striped hat, and its curious owner, THE CAT IN THE HAT appears introducing the kid to the wondrous world of Seuss.

The cat begins her tales with the story of HORTON the elephant who lives in the jungle of Nool with the JUNGLE CITIZENS. Horton hears a voice on a speck of dust asking for help; he places the speck onto a clover.  SOUR KANGAROO and the WHICKERSHAMS (monkeys) join in on teasing Horton for believing such nonsense.

The cries for help return and this time MR MAYOR AND MRS MAYOR  reveal themselves to Horton as citizens of a tiny place called Whoville (THE WHOS); at this time the Child from the beginning becomes JOJO, their daughter.

JOJO is taking her bath but the CAT isn’t done leading the girl into greater adventure; they are swept underwater with FISH all around.

As HORTON is guarding the clover, HORTON and JOJO bond in their imaginations. The CAT tells the story of GERTRUDE MCFUZZ, a one-feather tail bird.

The WHICKERSHAMS return and steal the clover from HORTON dropping it into a field of clovers. MAYZIE (a bird) appears and asks HORTON to sit and guard her egg, while she goes out for a while (51 weeks).

After all that time GERTRUDE appears with the clover and the WHOS, she had gone looking for them.