WISS Event

We are inviting parents to explore the continuum we use with your child and how we refer to this when we document your child’s progression of learning on Storypark. As they learn during their time in Early Years, their abilities in different areas will grow and we will document this in accordance with the Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) continuum. During the session, we will also give you the opportunity to review ongoing reporting about your child’s learning and developmental progress.

我们现邀请您参加幼儿园学生学习情况汇报的说明会,以便更好地了解我们是如何通过使用Storypark来记录学生在校的学习活动。在幼儿园,我们运用Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) 的评估体系来记录学生在各方面的成长和发展。在此次说明会上,我们也会和您一起回顾现阶段学生的学习和发展。

After the Come Learn With Us session, we invite you to stay at Macarena and connect with us and other families over coffee.


Following on from the Early Years Session at 11:00am, Primary will host an information session about their continuum of learning and reporting. If you would like to stay for lunch, Macarena has organized a special WISS menu that parents can order from.


We very much look forward to seeing you there as we explore reporting and documentation of learning with you.


Please sign up to attend this Come Learn With Us session here https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4ea4af2eaaf49-come. Please note that sign up will end at 12:00pm on Tuesday 12th January.

请点击以下链接报名:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4ea4af2eaaf49-come. 报名截止时间为1月12日中午12点。




9:00am – Come Learn With Us – Reporting on Learning in Early Years

9点 – 幼儿园学习汇报说明

10:00am – Connect over Coffee – Early Years and Primary Families

10点 – 幼儿园/小学部家长茶歇

11:00am – Primary Session – Continuum of Learning and Reporting

11点 – 小学部学习汇报说明

12:00pm – WISS Lunch Menu – Available for parents to order from

12点 – 午餐