WISS Event
08/02/2018 @ 6:30 pm
Orsini Theatre, WISS Campus
555 Lian Min Lu
Qingpu Qu, Shanghai Shi
Steve Harris



Commissioned in 1999 by the UK National Theatre as part of its Connections series, After Juliet is a bold and imaginative look at the characters who are left behind after the deaths of Romeo & Juliet in Shakespeare’s great play about ‘star-cross’d lovers’  The play, the author tells us, could be Verona, but it could equally be Glasgow, Amsterdam or Shanghai.

Most secondary students are familiar with the story of Romeo & Juliet, whose tragic end is the catalyst to bring the two feuding families, the Capulets and Montagues, together. Sharman Macdonald has us consider what happens to Rosaline, who is the the girl Romeo is in love with at the beginning of Shakespeare’s play. She is heartbroken at the news of his death and even angrier at Juliet for having stolen her boyfriend and then letting him die. And she will not let it go.Tonight is the election of the new Prince of Cats to replace Tybalt, killed by Romeo. And Rosaline wants to win so that the feud can continue and she can gain at least some sense of closure. But Prince Escalus has declared that there must be peace at all costs, and if anyone defies him, they will be sentenced to death.

Meanwhile, there is a trial of the four characters associated with the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and this forms the tense backdrop to a play, which switches seamlessly between comedy and romantic intrigue.

Due to its mature themes and some graphic language, parental discretion is advised.

The show is free, but we and the Parental Volunteer committee are raising funds for the Cambodia Project by selling refreshments before and after the show. John Cuccinello, WISS’s ambassador and Cambodia Project leader, will be speaking before the show and available afterwards in the foyer for those wishing to discuss the project further.

We’d love to see you at the show which complements the recent Prince of Denmark. The cast have been working very hard to showcase their talent and skills. Be sure to reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment. Please drop a line to Steve Harris, our Performing Arts administrator, at sharris@wiss.cn.

For further details or queries about the show, please write to the Artistic Director, Darren Scully, at dscully@wiss.cn.