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Did you know that there are currently students from 50 different nationalities at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)? As an international school with a mix of cultures from all over the world, our students get used to sharing their traditions, heritage, and thoughts which enriches them and allows them to become global citizens in the future.

April is a special month for us because we celebrate one of the most awaited events of the year – International Day! Students, parents, and staff parents mark the date in their calendar well in advance because it’s a “can’t miss” event.

 WISS International Day 2019

WISS – A Global Community

The day was awesome – full of sunshine, food, and fun! The big day started with an opening ceremony by the Promotion Division of Xujing Government who delivered an amazing Chinese dance performance.

More than 30 women transformed our front field with passion, color, dance, and movement. But this was only a preview of all the great activities that were waiting for us.

Promotion Division of Xujing Government at WISS

Check out some highlights from this year’s festivities

A Colorful Parade of Flags

One of the most beloved traditions at WISS is the annual International Day Parade of Flags where students and teachers carry the flags representing all the countries found at WISS. As the parade winds around the campus it grows as everyone in the community joins their country group. The many colorful traditional costumes and flags create a vibrant cultural kaleidoscope. It’s a beautiful representation of the diversity as well as the strong community bonds at WISS.

The Parade of Flag at WISS

The Parade of Flag at WISS

But the Parade of Flags isn’t the only thing to enjoy during our celebration. There are many more things to explore!

Time to Savor Tastes from Around the World

Without having to take a plane or even leaving the campus, attendees got first-hand knowledge about different cultures spanning across five continents.

WISS International Day is also the perfect occasion to taste different food from more than 50 different countries and get to know a little more about their culinary histories.

Traditional food from more than 50 different countries at WISS

Each country had its own stand where a variety of dishes, drinks, and desserts was offered to the participants. A perfect event for foodies who could please their palates eating delicious food from all over the world.

Parents volunteers work hard each year preparing food and taking care of the smallest details to get everything ready for this day. A lot of preparation and thought went into the stunning stand decorations which reflected the essence of each country and really made us feel as if we were traveling around the world.

WISS International Day 2019

Learn About World Dance Styles at WISS  

The stage was set for dance performances from all around the world. We enjoyed watching dances from Spain, Mexico, and Taiwan to name a few. These performances allowed us to enjoy the music and move to the rhythm while appreciating some of the traditional dance costumes. It was a really unique opportunity to enjoy an incomparable spectacle in Shanghai.

Traditional Mexican Dances at WISS

WISS Dance Company, Band, and Community Choir Show Off Their Talent

WISS Dance Company




WISS Community Choir

A Multicultural Occasion to Support a Great Cause

The WISS Parent Association is always thinking of ways to get involved in the community. International Day provided the perfect opportunity to use our diversity and creativity to help others. Parents from each country group created beautiful baskets representing their country. The “Country Hampers” were then raffled through a ticket draw for each basket.

Charity raffle to support Heart to Heart

The raffled baskets containing delicious treats and special items from each country raised a total of 14,600 RMB for Heart to Heart Charity, with over 730 raffle tickets purchased throughout the day. Heart to Heart is an NGO which provides corrective surgery for children from all over China with congenital heart defects.