WISS Today Article

Part of the WISS Education is nurturing internationally minded individuals who recognize a common humanity, share guardianship of the planet, and strive to create a better world through their actions. 

As a school WISS recognizes the importance of giving back to our community and we forge partnerships with organizations that support our values and efforts in cultivating global citizens.   Through these partnerships we create opportunities for our students to enrich their experiences and contribute to humanity as a global citizen.  

This year WISS once again partnered with the Community Center Shanghai to support their Giving Tree initiative.  A charity project that provides gift bags filled with winter clothes and school supplies for underprivileged children in Shanghai, and orphaned children in Yunnan Province. These families often endure poor living conditions and experience limited resources in their schools. WISS and the WISS Community has for over a decade been advocating for this cause through raising funds to support families in need.  

Since 2003, Giving Tree has facilitated bag donations to over 134,000 children. This year, WISS donations will go to students from Wushe school, who live in adverse conditions and face inadequate educational facilities. Donations will help improve their conditions and hopefully bring some hope and joy to their hearts.    

We would like to thank the #WISScommunity for their generous donations this year.  As a community we have raised enough money to donate 84 bags to the Giving Tree initiative. Each bag contains warm clothing, a school bag, and a thermos, some art supplies, and athletic equipment.   

What may seem like a small act for us can be a lifechanging experience for others.  A group of WISS Grade 12 Secondary students were involved with delivering the bags and bringing a smile to the children from Wushe school. An enriching experience that will form part of their memories during their time at WISS.