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Cuts for Cancer

Periwinkle members Oceania Chee and Sammy Chan cut their hair to donate to wigs4kids (www.wigs4kids.org) , an organization in the United States which makes wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment. In addition, Periwinkle collected close to 12,000RMB in donations which will be used to support cancer awareness in the WISS community. When notified about the donation of hair coming from Periwinkle at WISS, Maggie Varney, Founder and CEO of Wigs4kids responded, “We are humbled to receive support for Wigs 4 Kids from around the world since children experiencing hair loss is not a local or national issue, it is universal! Your school in Shanghai sounds amazing and I appreciate the work you do to instill the values of peace and global harmony in your students. We need more institutions like this in our world.”

Here is a video which explains more about wigs4kids and how they are making a difference in the lives of children: Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center Programs

A very special thanks to Lily Hameder of Liliglory Salon and Spa who sent two of their talented stylists to cut and style Oceania and Sammy’s hair.  Liliglory is offering 20{ffb30f9a932b8786db5807762ec6229375f83f24f2036a6037adb2267bf0110c} discount (excluding promotional items) to anyone in the WISS community. Just mention WISS to the reception.



Stoke City U14 winners at the BSS International Tournament






On the 3rd & 4th of June 2017, Stoke City at WISS U14s squad together with a few selected U12s, travelled to Bangkok,Thailand to play in the BSS International Tournament which was held at Bangkok Patana International School.

Stoke City FC at WISS played against strong Academies across Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China. This tournament was a very good challenge for our boys as they had the opportunity to experience playing against different teams with different abilities, playing  in different climate, team bonding, and being away from their home and their comfort zone.  Our team enjoyed success winning the U14 plate


WISS teachers invited to speak at Shanghai Dramatic Art Centre

In early June, Anne Drouet (Director of Performing Arts) and Darren Scully (Artistic Director) were invited to Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (SDAC) to be panelists at a presentation of the role of Performing Arts in education. SDAC sought out Ms. Drouet and Mr. Scully because of the reputation of the Arts program at WISS and also ISTA.   “China is recognising there is an increasing disconnect with the young and is turning to the arts to bridge the gap! During the event, perspective, creativity, self expression and empathy were discussed as must have qualities for the future. All of which are emergent properties of a quality Arts education.  WISS is a shining example of how we value the power of the Arts to ‘inspire young minds to shape their future’! It was truly an honour to be part of such a meaningful event,” says Ms. Drouet.