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Today’s Tiger Pride goes to our WISS High School Girls Basketball team, which recently won the ACAMIS Basketball Tournament.  

It is the first time WISS has participated in an Athletic Event at ACAMIS, and the results couldn’t be better. Achieving “Balance” is one of the ten attributes IB Learners acquire through a WISS Education. Discovering that state of equilibrium as a student where you effectively manage your study priorities and participation in sports is precisely what we as a school encourage. 

At WISS, we believe that athletics is an integral part of the school setting. We are committed to offering team sports designed to broaden the experiences of our students. The WISS Athletics Program serves many purposes, offering students the opportunity to collaborate, communicate, build relationships, develop a healthy lifestyle while fostering sportsmanship by competing athletically on a local and international level. 

The WISS Athletics Basketball teams recently participated in the ACAMIS competition, and both teams played with a TON of Tiger Spirit and Tiger Pride. 

WISS is proud to announce that the High School Girls Basketball Team won the ACAMIS Basketball tournament. WISS Girls finished their round-robin game undefeated, and they took that record into the playoffs and never let up. On the tournament’s final day, after crushing their opponents in the semi-finals, they went straight to the finals. 

The game was a back and forth struggle that never saw one team gain a decisive advantage. With less than two minutes to go, the score was tied, and the lead changed hands several times as the end of regulation approached. The crowd was in an uproar as the teams traded baskets down the stretch. When the buzzer sounded at the end of regulation, the score was tied, and we had the first-ever overtime game in girls ACAMIS history. Our Tigers hit big shot after big shot at winning the game by a final score of 29-27 in a thriller of a victory versus a very worthy opponent. 

In the words of Mr. Stanley, WISS Basketball Coach, the season was not easy for our girls. “The season was a long road of ups and downs. Winning more than losing, but learning more than anything, our Tigers made strides all season towards getting better as a unit while learning the way the game is supposed to be played. It all culminated in what can only be described as an amazing final tournament.”   

This victory means a lot for the WISS Girls Basketball team, especially because this is the first time WISS participated in an ACAMIS tournament: “As the girls celebrated their team victory, they were reminded of the fact that no matter where you start if you work hard and give your best effort, success is always within reach!”, shared Mr. Stanley. 

The WISS Boys High School Basketball team finished in third place, in a highly tight division, where the top four teams were within a basket in every game they played. We are so proud of these basketball stars and how they represented WISS as a school. 

We can’t wait to see all your future accomplishments.  

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