WISS Today Article

Ready, set, go…   

Sports is an integrated and loved aspect of life at the Western International School of Shanghai. At this time of year, we’d typically be gearing up for the annual WISS Sports Day, a day of fun and good sportsmanship for WISS students and teachers alike.  

This year, we couldn’t enjoy it on campus, but true to our Sports spirit, we just couldn’t miss it!  Our faculty got creative and decided to bring the spirit of Sports Day to our students at home! Although both students and teachers were in front of their laptops, our sports spirit was on full display.   

Sports are not just about playing or running around. Sports are part of the balanced curriculum at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), and we strive to stress how important sports are to our students through various programs and events. Through sports and physical activity, students keep fit and maintain their well-being. They also acquire new skills and values that contribute to their personal and professional growth.  

Thanks to the fantastic work of the WISS Physical Education Department, our teachers have adapted sports day traditions to celebrate what would, for many, be the highlight of the school calendar. The WISS Physical Education Department challenged students of all ages to participate in a variety of sports activities, adding to the wonderful experiences of the day.  

In the words of Tony Anderson, Director of Physical Education at WISS, “Exercising your body is just as essential as exercising your mind…one is as equally important as the other. Sports day at WISS is an annual highlight for our Tigers, both students, and teachers. Traditionally, this event is so big that it is run over three days, with each division having its own day. However, this year, with our given lockdown situation, we as a PHE Staff decided to run our very first WISS Tigers Virtual Sports Day.” Tony shared: “It was fantastic to see how WISS tigers participated in this magnificent day: “it was GRREEAAT to see all of our Tigers engaged in some physical activity, cheering on and supporting their friends…some even working up a sweat! Our Tigers were also given some offline tasks to do independently, which made for a whole day of activities for all.”  

Mr. Mark Caulfield, Early Years PE Teacher, shared his experience on the Virtual Sports Day  “For the first time, Kindergarten held a LIVE Zhumu. It was great to see so many happy faces, jumping, throwing, and catching on our screens. Students completed five different events, from how many jumping jacks they could complete in a minute to how far they could jump with two feet together.”  “For the rest of the day, and for the rest of Early Years, the virtual sports day took on a choice board experience, with students given ten different physical challenge options to choose from. They chose at least 4 of these during the day to complete.”  

Primary students were well-prepared for a virtual online sports day. In the words of Mr. Magnus, “The week running up to sports day, the students had practiced their events in their Zhumu meetings to get ready for the day. Even though we were unable to be outside and run around like we normally do for sports day, we had a lot of excited students and teachers ready to participate. Some of this year’s challenges were also proposed by students themselves: “The  2 minutes of Jumping jacks and lunges was made up by Luella in G5.  This event was tiring as they needed to jump and lunge as many times as they could in 2 minutes. They huffed and puffed and made it to the end with some outstanding scores” “G2 student Bianca invented the 1-minute sofa jumps, and it was a great exercise where everyone had to do as many jumps as possible in one minute. After this event, many legs were in pain as it was tiring to jump up and down continuously. A great event with some excellent scores and fun to watch on the Zhumu call”  

Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation for a sports day, WISS Sports Day 2022 was a HUGE success. In the Year of the Tiger, this was another example of WISS showing off our Tiger Spirit and Pride! Thank you to all the teachers, parents, and especially students for making it possible.