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While our WISS Online Model of e-learning has been a great solution for helping students continue education and to keep their minds active during the mandated campus closure due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, it may be harder to stay physically active if you’re stuck at home.

How do we help keep our students’ bodies active and give them an outlet for their energy while stuck indoors for weeks on end? Stoke City FC Academy at WISS launched “Get Stoked at Home” on February 17th to solve this problem!

“Get Stoked at Home” is a series of football instructional videos that can be done from home with limited equipment. All players need is a ball and some socks or other items to use in place of cones. And these videos are free and available for anyone, not just WISS students and football players. The videos are accessible via Bilibilli, a Chinese video-sharing platform.

The initiative not only includes daily football training videos, but also a WeChat group where participants share videos of themselves trying new skills and practicing the tutorials. You can join the WeChat group by scanning the QR code below.

Get Stoked

The program has just started this week, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “We are only a day in but have had loads of views on the video because so many people are stuck inside and wanting to stay active. We are hoping we can continue to get more people interested in football and staying healthy during this time,” said Stoke City FC Academy at WISS Head Coach Tom. Coach Tom is leading the program and has lots of experience on the field, coaching in England, China, and the USA. But this is his first time coaching an “Online Football Training Course”.

Girls opening football package

The “Get Stoked at Home” videos are released at 10 AM every morning, Monday to Friday, and cover a variety of football skills that can be done from home, and even some challenges such as seeing which participant can record the most juggles at home. Everything is shared within the WeChat group, which has helped everyone feel like part of a “virtual team” during this sometimes isolating time.  “The most rewarding part for me is seeing the videos shared in the group and all the kids taking part. It’s great to see them happy and moving around and improving their skills,” said Coach Tom.

“Get Stoked” at Home. Some of the student videos shared in the wechat group.

The tutorials have been a hit with adults as well. The students are not the only ones getting “cabin fever” in this situation and needing a good at-home workout. Some of the WISS staff have had fun participating as well. Mr. Nigel Pritchard, a WISS teacher, and parent has been participating daily in the videos along with his children. “As a family, it is a super way for us all to participate together. The videos are concise and for all levels. We can fit practice sessions in at any time of the day,” said Pritchard.

Adults “Get Stoked”

The program was created with the intent to run for 2 weeks, but due to the positive response and the great need for activities to stay active and healthy, the program may go on longer. “We are hoping to get more and more people interested in football as well as get active and stay healthy while stuck inside,” said Coach Tom.

Stoke City FC & Northern Ireland Manager, Michael O’Neill, with a special message for everyone in China

The “Get Stoked at Home” program is just another great outcome of the Stoke City FC Academy – WISS partnership. Stoke City FC’s International Ambassador, Angela Smith, commented, “Stoke City FC is proud to be associated with such a well-run and professional school and staff.” You can read more about the Stoke FC Academy at WISS on the WISS website.

“Get Stoked” with Dr. Greg Brunton, Director of WISS
WISS students playing football with Stoke City FC Academy
WISS students playing football with Stoke City FC Academy